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Stonyfield and B Corps, a celebration!

Stonyfield is a B Corporation! *Disclaimer: I was sent a basket of B Corps Certified Goods from Stonyfield and other other B Corps Certified Companies as a Stonyfield Blogger. Congratulations to Stonyfield on B Corps Certification! This is an exciting development for Stonyfield because they are joining 1,600 other businesses to, “lead a growing global … Read More »

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9 weeks to go? Whaaaaat?! Boston Marathon Training Update #6

Time is flying! It’s hard to believe that in 9 weeks I will have finished my fourth Boston Marathon. It’s hard to believe it especially considering we just had a Nor’Easter blow through New Hampshire dumping loads of snow on us! Even though there are still 9 more weeks, one can only begin to wonder … Read More »

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Want to take a baking class? This is why you should!

Baking Class 101 at King Arthur Flour The smell of Herbes de Provence blended with Parmesan cheese wafting from the professional baking ovens in the King Arthur Flour Education Center pulled me back into the classroom. “That smells amazing!” Savory Olive Oil and herb biscotti that we had made earlier was baking for its first … Read More »

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Rise. Run. Retreat. The EATS and a CHEF’D giveaway!

All the food at Rise. Run. Retreat and Chef’d Giveaway. Laughing in the kitchen cooking with friends. This evening was a perfect night for me. I love to cook. And getting to cook a new dish that you have never made before with friends couldn’t have been anymore fun. There was lots of laughter and … Read More »

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The Amazing Benefits of Honey

When I was younger my Step Grandfather, Granput was a beekeeper. He would carefully tend to his bees every day and then would reward us with jars of his sweet local liquid gold, honey. After Granput passed away the remaining jars of honey were rationed until recently our family enjoyed the last few drops of … Read More »

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Fresh Review: Pierre’s Spicy Nut Butters

It’s #WIAW: Pierre’s Spicy Almond and Peanut Butters Wow! I’d like to introduce you to Pierre’s Spicy Almond & Peanut Butters. When fellow runner and marathon nut Ivy (also a Boston Marathoner) asked me if I’d like to sample Pierre’s Spicy Nut Butters of course I said, yes!  Pierre took almond and peanut butters and … Read More »

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Applegate HALFTIME Review and Giveaway! #LunchingAwesome

Have you tried the new Applegate Farms Halftime Lunch Kits? *Disclaimer: This post was created in partnership with Stonyfield. All opinions are my own. As a Stonyfield yoGetter I was recently given the chance to review Applegate Farms HALF TIME™  Lunchtime meals. As a mom who is always thinking about the healthier alternative for my … Read More »

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