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Runner Fun. Discounts & More

Runner Fun. Discounts & More

As a blogger, runner and triathlon nut, gear junkie, organic food enthusiast and Mom I often discover great gear, races, and products that I just need to share with my readers and followers. It wouldn’t be fair to keep all of this fun to myself. On this page you can discover some of the latest and greatest discount codes for race entries and gear and other goodies that I have to offer you!

Special Race Discount Codes

The North Face Endurance Challenge Trail Marathon, 50K 50 Miler, or Marathon relay

Currently I some great race discount codes for you to take you on some epic race adventures. Now, there is a little something for everyone because you know me, I love to run on both the trails and the road. These events will re-ignite your passion as a runner!

The North Face Endurance Challenge

The North Face Endurance Challenge

The first fun running discount will unlock an epic race adventure when you decide to run one of the Amazing North Face Endurance Challenge events. I am a “The North Face Locals Ambassador.

You can use my special discount code:


You will get 15% discount off of the registration fee (team or individual) for any race which is included within the 2016 Endurance Challenge Series Races in Ontario (Canada) [July 16 – 17, 2016], Utah [September 24 – 25, 2016] or Wisconsin [September 17 – 18, 2016] 

Please use my special link to enter for the race adventure of your choice——->>>>>>> Please enter The NORTH FACE ENDURANCE Challenge HERE

ZOOMA Women’s Race Series

ZOOMA Women's Race Series: Please use my Ambassador Discount Code: SANDRA16 at checkout for 10% off your entry

ZOOMA Women’s Race Series: Please use my Ambassador Discount Code: SANDRA16 at checkout for 10% off your entry

This year I was also picked as a ZOOMA Women’s Race Series Ambassador. The ZOOMA Women’s Race Series is comprised of three awesome events which make for perfect race-cations for you and the girls. There are three race destinations: Annapolis, MD, Cape Cod, Amelia Island, Florida. Not only will you have the chance to run a 10K, Half Marathon or in Annapolis even a 5K but you will have fun celebrating with an after-party that includes yoga and shopping!

You can enter for any of these three races using my RACE DISCOUNT CODE: SANDRA16 for 10% off your race entry. Please share this code with a friend!

You can register through the ZOOMA Women’s Race Series Website

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