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Organic Runner Mom

Organic Runner Mom

Hi! I am Sandra! I am a 40-something mom who blogs about running and mental health. I am here to help you to find strategies to improve in your running, to achieve your goals and to find ways to manage your mental health struggles through running. I live in the Upper Valley of NH near trails that I can run on! I have two active kids who spend much of their time exploring the outdoors! 

Before becoming a runner I struggled with my mental health. I was in a high stress teaching job where I took my worries and stress home with me every day. I felt alone and depression had begun to set in. I needed an outlet to help deal with my mental health. One day another teacher, asked me if I would like to join her  for a trail run. I wasn’t a runner at that point, I had run before but didn’t consider myself to be a runner. I decided to go. Taking those first steps onto the trails I knew that I was about to fall in love with a new sport. As time went on and I ran more I discovered was release from the stress that I was encountering. I felt my head clear with every step. I also found friendship on the trails, a supportive community that could help me with my depression. I found a release of endorphins that had been missing and beauty in the nature that surrounded me. As time has progressed, depression has been a constant for me and running has always been there to help me to see the way out. You too can discover these benefits of running and I am here to take you on that journey.

Imagine running on a beautiful trail or back road and feeling like you are managing your mental health struggles.

When you join the Organic Runner Mom community you will find ways that running can help you to manage your mental health struggles and help you to set goals and be successful at moving forward in your life. You can join me here on Organic Runner Mom and you can join me and other runners just like me and you in my facebook group Organic Runners. I’d love to have you be a part of the community and the discussion. Another way to follow along is by subscribing to my blog!

My 3rd Half Ironman Finish

My 3rd Half Ironman Finish


I am now a 14 time marathon finisher (including 4 Boston Marathons, 3 as a qualified runner, one with Team Stonyfield) and several marathons have been on trails. I have finished countless half marathons and races of shorter distances. I am a 3 time Half Ironman Finisher. I also love to paddleboard, cross country ski, downhill ski, and do yoga

Being a runner has taken me on a journey of self-discovery and made me a stronger individual both inside and out. As a runner I am inspired and motivated by all of the amazing endurance athletes that I meet. Since I discovered my love for running I have met many new friends and have continued to set new goals for myself. Running has been essential in helping me to deal with depression, post partum depression and PTSD after running the Boston Marathon in 2013.

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Trail Running in the Upper Valley

Trail Running in the Upper Valley

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I hope you will become a member of the Organic Runner Mom community! Please e-mail me with any questions or comments or inquiries about how you can work with me at or please visit me on my Instagram Page and reach out with a Direct Message.

I am open to brand ambassadorships, speaking engagements, being a guest on Podcasts, and writing sponsored posts.

Happy Running!

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