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Effects of Extended Rest on Running.

Vacation Down Time
Vacation Down Time


It’s something that us overachieving, goal seeking runners don’t do enough of.

I just took a week and a half off from running. And do you know what? I don’t regret it.

We went on a family vacation to our family summer lake house. I fully intended to run while I was there. However, the weather was just too good to leave lakeside. It was hot and sunny, perfect for swimming, paddleboarding, kayaking, fishing and more. The vacation time was perfection and recharged me in more ways than one. I didn’t run one single step.

But are there down sides to taking that much time off from running?

Check out the benefits of taking an extended rest from running! #runchat #running #womensrunning

I have been training hard every week, building up mileage and incorporating speed workouts at the track, fartlek and tempo runs and hill workouts. My marathon for the fall, the Portland Marathon is still on but will I go . . . at this time I am thinking no because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. But nonetheless I have continued with training as if I will be racing 26.2 in October. After weeks and weeks of hard workouts and mileage my body was ready for a break when we got to the lake.

According to, “Not only does resting for seven to 10 days have little negative impact on your current fitness, the long-term gains you will be able to make will enable you to continue to make consistent progress, year after year without overtraining.” So, my rest days were actually a good thing because they are helping me to prevent overtraining! Taking downtime after a long training segment can help to prevent your immune system from taking a downturn which with everything going on currently in the world is a huge thing. Time off for 7-10 days will only result in a slight decrease in VO2 max. It is not too hard to regain this fitness level. Fleet Feet says that “to make this more effective, slowly progress back to your regular training volume over a two-to-three week period after the rest. This will help ensure you stay healthy and motivated.” Taking an extended break from running can also have great mental benefits because it can help you to find your motivation again and to get your head back into the game!

So, if you have a vacation planned and want to take a break from running, don’t worry . . . you will get back on track when you get back. Make sure you take some time to enjoy your downtime to refresh your mind and body!

Runner's Round Up
Runner’s Round Up

Have you ever taken an extended break from running? Where is your favorite place for a vacation?

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11 responses

11 responses

  1. I had always suspected this, but never did any formal research myself on it…so , thanks! (now I don’t have to LOL). My rational was that if one is in decent shape (like from training for a big race), a week off (or even a bit longer) really wouldn’t set one back THAT much. All of that training does stay “in the bank” for awhile 😉 Glad you had a great trip!

  2. I think taking a break from running every now and then does both mind and body good. I always feel refreshed after taking some time off.

  3. This is a great reminder! I know time off is usually a good thing but sometimes its hard to do. I need to make sure I take some time off this year even if there are no races.

  4. I love vacationing ANYWHERE! It would be hard to name a favorite place.

    I have taken a week off before and it’s been fine. Not my favorite, but it works.

    I’m so glad you had a great time!

  5. Fully agree with taking longer breaks, Sandra!
    I’m like you, I take my running shoes with me. At least then I have the option to decide whether I really want to run or not.

    Love the picture by the lake!
    Catrina recently posted…The Jungfrau RegionMy Profile

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