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World Kindness Day. 5 Ways to be Kinder to Yourself.

Believe There Is Good In The World
Believe There Is Good In The World

Happy World Kindness Day!

It’s a day to think about kindness more than you would on any regular day. But we need to make being kind a regular part of our daily rituals. Go out of your way to do something kind for someone else every day and the world will be a much kinder place.

Kindness is also something we need to treat ourselves to more on a regular basis. As someone who struggles with depression, being kind to myself is something that I can struggle with because negative self-talk can be prevalent. We need to eliminate this kind of inner monologue and learn to be gentler with ourselves instead of highly critical.

Here are a few ways to be kinder to yourself:

  • Celebrate your successes! If you do something that is successful and that you are proud of make sure that you take the time to acknowledge it for yourself. Share your successes with others, write it down in your journal, tell yourself out loud how proud you are.
  • Make time. Make time to do something special that you enjoy such as reading a book, watching a movie, going out for a bite to eat at your favorite restaurant, grabbing a special coffee.
  • Take Care of Yourself. Be kind to yourself by taking care of yourself. Take a nap if you need it. Go to bed earlier. Take a long hot bath. Go out for a walk. Take a Yoga Class
  • Treat Yourself to Something Fun. Go Shopping. Get your hair done. Get a Facial. Go for a Massage.
  • Breathe and Let it Go. Don’t be so hard on yourself. When negative self-talk starts, take some time to do some deep breathing. Calming yourself down with deep breaths can help to lessen the stressors. Practice meditating.

How will you be kinder to yourself today?

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7 responses

7 responses

  1. I didn’t know that today was World Kindness Day!
    You gave great tips on how we can be kind to ourselves. One thing I need to do more is to celebrate my successes.

  2. Love this. I need to be better about taking time for self care. I feel like life is always so crazy between work, the kiddo, etc – I often push my own stuff to the side. But I know how much of a better space I’m in when I’m kind to myself!

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