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ZUKI Roller recovery tool for Runners and Workout Recovery Tips

Lately . . .

Spring has sprung!

Spring has sprung!

Lately I’ve been amping up my running mileage. Over the winter I became hooked on CrossFit and have been loving my newfound strength which I am finding has made me a stronger runner both mentally and physically. Although I enjoyed taking a bit of a step back from running I have missed the added mileage and racing and am excited to be getting back into more running and racing as spring and summer get going. I am planning to do some road racing and hopefully some trail and mountain racing too. I raced my first 5K in a long time when I was home in Pennsylvania for a visit to my parents. I had forgotten how hard yet rewarding that type of race is and am hoping to do some shorter races this summer. I had also forgotten how sore running a 5K can make you. Recovery after racing, after CrossFit, and other types of workouts is so important to keep your body functioning optimally. Coming up I am racing a Spartan sprint (my first, eek!) and also the Covered Bridges Half Marathon so I need to make sure that along with running and strength training I take time for recovery too. I have many recovery tools that I use to keep my body in tip-top shape and most recently discovered the ZUKI Roller.

What is the ZUKI Roller?

ZUKI Roller

ZUKI Roller recovery tool

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for an honest product review. No monetary compensation was exchanged for this post. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

We all have our favorite recovery tools for working out and running and now I have one more for you to add into your bag of tricks. Have you checked out the ZUKI Roller recovery tool for runners? This is a muscle roller stick. It comes in two sizes, 25″ and 19″ which is great for travel.  This muscle roller stick is unique because it has added pressure points which release tension at the trigger point. The larger stick has 2376 pressure points and the smaller stick has 1512 pressure points. The benefit to using this kind of roller is that you can do self-myofascial release. Using the ZUKI roller recovery tool will help improve circulation and can help speed recovery from injury. The larger ZUKI Roller currently retails for $39.95 and the smaller one for $29.95.

How to use the ZUKI Roller

The ZUKI Roller is great for use on your arms, legs, neck and back. Using the roller after a workout will help your muscles to recover and will help blood flow. Using a muscle roller can help lessen muscle soreness. It will help your to improve your flexibility by working with the fascia. I love this type of muscle roller because you can easily adjust the pressure as needed using your own strength. The ZUKI is awesome after a long run and after CrossFit workouts.

Here are some ways that you can use the Zuki:

  1. Apply pressure to the muscle group that you are focusing on with the ZUKI.
  2. Roll each muscle group for at least 10-20 seconds before moving on to the next group.
  3. Follow the path of the muscle without massaging the bone.
  4. Spend added time working on areas where muscle knots are present. This is where the added pressure points on the ZUKI roller are helpful.
  5. You can use this muscle roller on yourself or a friend can help you to reach those tough to reach areas

Some areas of the body that you can use the roller on:

  1. Calves-Roll out your calves or work on pressure points. I have used this to work on a muscle adhesion in my calf.
  2. Hamstrings-Perfect for use after performing a ton of squats or after a tough mountain run or hill repeats.
  3. Back-I love using this type of roller to work on tightness in my lower back.
  4. Shoulders-Those pesky shoulder muscle knots that I get from CrossFit and from holding my shoulders to tensely when I run are no match for the ZUKI roller.
  5. Piroformis-This is a tough area to work on so having a recovery tool that can reach the trigger points is essential.

Have you ever tried the ZUKI Roller? What workout would you use your ZUKI after?

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