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It’s time to get Winter Wild! Winter Wild Mountain Running series starts Now! Are you ready to play?

Winter Wild Mountain Running Series starts NOW!

First of all Happy New Year! Secondly, I hope you are ready to get Winter Wild again! Well, I am! It is time for the Team Amp Winter Wild Mountain Running Series to start up again and just in time for the arctic weather to arrive! If running up a mountain in the winter in New Hampshire is too much for you then I hope at least that you will follow my journey through this epic winter mountain running series. Mountain Running Series

Winter Wild-Winter Fun Race Series

Wachusett Mountain-Winter Wild Mountain Running Series

Wachusett Mountain-Winter Wild Mountain Running Series

┬áThis weekend the mountain running series starts out at Wachusett Mountain in Massachusetts. ┬áThe race begins at 7 a.m. (before the skiiers hit the slopes) which hopefully means a r sunrise as an additional reward to the extreme endorphin rush after reaching the summit and racing back down the mountain! Last year I had never raced the Winter Wild Mountain Running Event before so each race brought new confidence and additional strength. I finished the series last year in 3rd place overall in my age group which was awesome. This year I am “hungry” to be faster on the mountain and hope to improve my finish times. This year I have spent a lot of time mountain running and trail running and have added additional core and strength training to my workouts. Hopefully I will feel stronger on the first climb this Saturday.

You are probably wondering how to get extra traction on the climb to the summit. The answer for me is a sweet pair of MicroSpikes from Kahtooola. These easy to wear crampons are amazing traction on freshly groomed mountain corduroy. This is especially beneficial on the run down the mountain when speeds borderline out of control.

Are you feeling motivated to join me yet? Well, maybe mountain running is not your thing but if you live in New England the best thing to do to ward off the winter blues is to bundle up, get outside and “play” in the snow. I can’t about your winter “play.”

A Perfect Day in the Outdoors-Winter Mountain Running

A Perfect Day in the Outdoors

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2 responses

  1. WOW!! What an adventure!! Sounds like such a great winter event! Can’t wait for the race recap – sounds like you are going to rock it this year!

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