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Smell Great with Win High Performance Sports Detergent. #sweathardsmellgreat

Have you tried WIN High Performance Sports Detergent?

Win Detergent. Sweat Hard Smell Great.

Win Detergent. Sweat Hard Smell Great.

Ok, I admit it, I have probably spent half of my life in spandex doing some form of athletic athletic activity. It started with ice skating, turned into horseback riding, then crew and now of course running (and triathlon too). I have to admit that probably half of my wardrobe consists of workout clothes and clothes that are are workout clothes disguised as “real” clothes. I admit it, I don’t mind being sweaty and dirty. I like adventure and with adventure comes dirt, sweat, laughter and happiness and of course lots and lots of smelly laundry. I love that my kids (ages 4 and 6) see me as an athlete and don’t mind (well ok, they mind a bit) when I come back to the house smelling a bit “stinky.”

WIN High Performance Sports Detergent

WIN High Performance Sports Detergent

But all of this stinky, adventuring on the roads, on the trails, in the mountains and in lakes and rivers leaves me with mountains of smelly laundry  Sometimes ordinary detergent doesn’t cut it.  The smell of adventure can sometimes be difficult to remove from technical fabrics which is why I was psyched when I was asked by Fit Approach to try out the new and improved WIN high performance sports detergent!. WIN deteregent generously sent me two full size bottles of their HE (high-efficiency washer) detergent to try.  WIN comes in either regular WIN or WIN Green.

The Benefits of WIN Sports Detergent.

Here are some features of the new and improved WIN High Performance Sports Detergents:

  • designed to remove sweat, oil, and odors from technical athletic/sports apparel
  • made in the USA
  • bottle made from 25% post consumer recycled plastics
  • 32 oz Bottle
  • retail price is $9.95
New and Improve WIN Sports Deteregents

New and Improve WIN Sports Deteregents

We especially love WIN Green in our house because it is Eco-friendly and also delicate on sensitive skin which is an issue in our house so I have to be careful when choosing laundry detergent.  I have tried both detergents and am loving their ability to remove the workout funk from our clothes.  The price for WIN is definitely reasonable with each bottle of WIN sports detergent being good for 21 loads of laundry, now that is a lot of running and adventuring!

How can I get some WIN sports detergent?

If you want to give WIN High Performance Sports Detergent a try you can purchase it on AMAZON. I even have a $1.00 off CODE for you to use at checkout! CODE: WINGIVE1 .

You also have a chance to win 1 bottle of regular WIN and 1 bottle of WIN Green by entering my Giveaway.  The Giveaway will last for one week and I will notify the winners via e-mail once the giveaway has ended.

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12 responses

  1. I have seen many of my favorite fitness bloggers sharing about this amazing detergent! I must check it out as I have some serious running funk smell coming from a few of my favorite shirts! 😉
    Rachel recently posted…Scenes From The WeekMy Profile

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