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Will I ever run a marathon again?

Is another marathon in the cards? Thoughts on my next goal.

Will I run another marathon?

Will I run another marathon?

My last marathon was the Boston Marathon in 2017. I just eeked out a qualifying time. It was a hot one and it was all I could do during the race to stay cool, hydrated and fueled. I consumed a ridiculous number of GU packets with caffeine (the caffeine high lasted into the evening), took in countless cups of water and Gatorade, ate watermelon and orange slices, ran through every sprinkler and open fire hydrant and just barely hung on to finish strong. I worked hard to grab my qualifying time (which as it turned out was still not good enough due to the continually harder cut-off times for entry due to the high volume of entrants.

Now the B.A.A. is making lowering qualifying times again making it even harder to get in to the Boston Marathon). I was proud of my race but marathons definitely take a toll on my body. Out of all of the marathons that I have run I have landed myself in the Medical Tents at the end of the race on more than one occasion due to dehydration and hypothermia. I have also had to deal with overuse injuries (peroneal tendonitis and piroformis syndrome) from the constant pounding from all of the miles that you have to put in during marathon training.

But . . . even with all of that, I have to admit I am missing marathons and marathon training. I am finding myself feeling envious of all of the runners prepping to run the Chicago Marathon and other fun fall marathons.

Seriously! The FOMO is real!

But is it marathons that I am missing or is it having a BIG GOAL?

I have some fun racing coming up in November when I will be running Ragnar Trail Los Coyotes with Team SweatPink but I am missing that individual big goal. I am missing working with my awesome coach Denise from The Sustainable Athlete who I used to train with on a regular basis. I am missing the highs of the successful training runs. I am missing meeting weekly mileage goals.

What is a runner to do?

I love being competitive but most of all I am overly competitive with myself. Right now my aerobic fitness is nowhere where it was last fall and that is honestly making me want to get my butt in gear. I have been going hard at  CrossFit and my strength gains have been huge but I am itching to run more and to do more racing again. But does it need to be at the level of the Boston Marathon again or even just running a marathon again . . .?????  Can I fulfill my wants (read: obsession) with half marathons and shorter distances.

Here’s what I am thinking . . .

  1. I need to start working with a coach again. This will give me a specific training plan to follow with coach check-ins and guidance.
  2. I think that I need to stick to shorter distances (LOL-Half marathons aren’t that short). And guess what? I have a Half Marathon to run this spring in Savannah Georgia . . . but more on that later (enter goal race!).
  3. I want to get back into triathlon again too. I am not sure about the distance, either Half Ironman or Olympic Distance. Being a Multi-sport athlete helps me to avoid overuse injuries by mixing up what I am doing on training days between swimming, biking and running.
  4. I am not going to give up CrossFit. I have to admit I am a CrossFit Addict. Last week I went 4 times. I do need to make sure that I run on the days that I do CrossFit if they are primarily strength focused days because my running has suffered.
  5. I am not going to rule out running another marathon . . . I will know if the time is right!

What are your current goals? Do you run a lot of marathons? Would you be able to give up running marathons?

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6 responses

6 responses

  1. I can totally relate to this! I love having that big goal but I’m not sure my motivation is totally there to train for a marathon. Trying to figure it out. (Plus my knee has been grumpy off and on so I need to be smart about it).
    Good luck with your decision- excited to hear what you decide to do!

  2. I haven asked myself this same question. While i haven’t done an abundance of marathons (just 3),it really wreaks havoc on my body and my energy. I think that I can definitely do another marathon, but I have to ask myself do I actually WANT to do it. If I don’t do one in 2019, I’m thinking of setting another goal, like a Spartan race.

  3. I know what you mean about missing marathon training and racing. Marathons are really hard, but there’s something amazing and indescribable about those grueling training runs!

  4. Being a fitness trainer, I can relate to your dilemma. One thing that keeps me going is recalling the experience I have had after completing a marathon. It’s more of an emotion than a feeling & that’s what pumps me up to keep going!

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