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Why you need an online running coach!

It’s time to take my training up a level! Why I chose to get a running coach.

Why you need an online running coach.

Why you need an online running coach.

Prior to having children I had run several marathons, the Nike Women’s Marathon, Several Vermont City Marathons, and the Marine Corps Marathon. I always thought about qualifying for Boston but never truly went for it with focused training. The qualifying times needed always seemed to far out of my reach. When I decided I was really going to go for it and to train to qualify for the Boston Marathon in 2012, I decided it was time to find a coach. The Boston Marathon qualifying times had all been dropped by five minutes making qualification seem even further out of reach. Having used training plans that I found on a random site on the internet had gotten me started on my marathon journey but had me feeling like I could only race and train at one pace.

I wanted more!

Why should you get a running coach?

  • The training plan will be designed specifically for you and your fitness level and schedule needs.
  • A coach can change your training schedule at any time to accommodate for races, injuries and more.
  • Many coaches will also provide you with nutritional advice which is a very important piece of every training cycle.
  • You will have uphills and downhills in your training (pun intended) which you can discuss with your coach.
  • Having a coach and a solid training plan will help keep you accountable along your journey to reaching your goal.
  • Your coach will be your cheerleader. Everyone needs a cheerleader!

My Running (and Triathlon) Coach from The Sustainable Athlete

Play Every Day with The Sustainable Athlete

Play Every Day with The Sustainable Athlete

I had it easy when it came to picking my running coach because a great friend of mine, Doug Welling, from my days of rowing and coaching had started an Endurance Sports coaching business, The Sustainable Athlete. I contacted my friend Doug and he set me up with Denise Goode who has an extensive background in Nutrition, Nursing, Sports Medicine, and coaching as well as her own athletic achievements as a triathlete. In other words, she ROCKS! The Sustainable Athlete offers several different coaching packages depending on what your focus is–Play A Lot, Play Every Day, Play a Little. If you are lucky enough to live in Maine where they are based then you can train with the other Team Sustainable Athlete athletes! I wish I had access to this but the Virtual coaching is great. The Sustainable Athlete also offers a Training retreat once a year as well as access to bike fitting services, swim stroke analysis, run gait analysis, multi-sport biomechanics and fit analysis and nutrition coaching. The Sustainable Athlete uses Training Peaks to schedule training as well as a log of all training for the athlete which serves as a great communication tool back and forth between runner (or triathlete) and coach.

Online running coach services

After doing a little bit of research I have discovered some other great online running coaching resources that you might want to check out. Finding a running coach is a very personal thing as you will be working closely with this person with your training. There are definitely a lot of options out there including some larger companies as well as individuals who provide run coaching services through their blogs.

Here is a sample of a few other online running coach services:

*Disclaimer: I have not used any of the above coaching services other than The Sustainable Athlete so you will need to do your research to find the best coach for you.

Have you ever used an online running coach before? What qualities do you look for in a coach?

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21 responses

21 responses

  1. As a coach I obviously agree that if you really want to take your training to the next level you need a good running coach. And I thank you for including my information in your list (total surprise – I <3 you!). I really think it is the accountability that makes the difference. Having someone EXPECTING you to complete the workout (and having a good idea about how hard you should work), really makes a huge difference. And I say that as a coach who could probably use her own running coach 🙂
    Debbie @ Coach Debbie Runs recently posted…Anatomy of a Great Blog Post: 12 Tips to Be a Better BloggerMy Profile

  2. I’ve had a personal trainer for years and have thought about getting a running coach – particularly to pull me out of the rut I was in. I think they are a great idea as long as you get the right one! Though I’d be wary of anyone who gives nutrition advice that isn’t licensed or an RD!
    Mar @ Mar on the Run recently posted…DC Fitness: Urban Boxing DCMy Profile

  3. I’m not a runner (aside from a few miles on the treadmill here and there!) but you’ve made me wonder about looking into an online trainer. I feel like I need some structure like this and someone to hold me accountable!

  4. I have been thinking about a running coach as of late…. I’ve also thought about giving up running (such extremes, I know). I have a half marathon next weekend and we will see where that lands me. I am glad your’s has helped!

  5. I have debated this for some time! I want a coach, and don’t mind if only online. Really someone who can give me advice on my training for this marathon. I have a good base and an idea of what I think my long runs should be, but I also have a schedule full of 5k’s and half’s. I’d really like to accountable to someone plus bounce off situations as they come up. Great post with great info, maybe it will direct me to one for me!
    Tricia@MissSippipiddlin recently posted…Being Cautious While Running SoloMy Profile

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