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Why is it so hard to commit? Rambling thoughts about racing and training.

Why is it so hard to commit?

I'd rather be training in Florida!

I’d rather be training in Florida!

My last race was this fall. I raced the CHAD Hero Half Marathon. While I was pleased with my time at the end this race was hard because honestly I did not train like I have in the past for races. I may be in good shape for CrossFit but as far as running shape goes I was undertrained for the half marathon. I worked for every minute of my finish time and it was hard. This was not a feel good like I trained for it race, this was a gut it out and find some speed somewhere race.

Why am I having such a hard time committing to training for races right now? I want to race again but lately life just seems to be getting in the way of scheduling any races. I am in my first year of this solo parenting gig post divorce and sometimes our parenting schedule is not straightforward due to life’s curveballs. I am hesitant to schedule anything in case I might not have kid coverage for the weekend of the race. It is hard to look that far forward and to make plans to race only to have them fall through at the last moment.

I have also been having a tough time getting out and running and having it feel good. I know that this sounds silly but dealing with depression, sometimes when I run I get too in my head with thoughts about what has happened in my life and then my running gets bogged down. Perhaps I need to change things up and run with music rather than running without? Maybe I need to change my running routes and run with friends more.

Maybe it is the winter weather that is getting to me. Have I become soft????? It’s hard to imagine training hard through the cold and messy winter weather even though I trained to qualify for Boston and for the Boston Marathon many times through exactly the same weather.

Perhaps I am just making excuses . . . I need to just bite the bullet and to sign up for a half marathon and get off my butt and start training!

Do you ever have a hard time committing to training for races?


12 responses

12 responses

  1. Girl, I think we are in the same place right now. I had a great fall half marathon. I’ve been struggling with running this winter and haven’t signed up for any spring races. I’m just not interested right now which makes race season even more hard as I’ll likely want to run something.

  2. A lot of runners seem to be struggling right now. I am not having trouble committing but I am having trouble feeling good on my runs.They seem way harder than they have to be

  3. Thankfully after years of half marathons and half ironmans I don’t feel the need to race anymore.

    I am a peloton app junkie, give it a try, you can use it free for a week or so. They have guided treadmill runs that I love.

    Let’s hope for an early spring

  4. You have legitimate reasons to hesitate. Especially when races are so expensive and hard to defer if something comes up. As for general running mojo, running with a friend or exploring a new route usually help me out of a funk.

  5. I have heard from a lot of runners that they are lacking their “running mojo” right now. I think that things will get easier in the Spring.

  6. My mojo to run is good, but the weather has been so cold and icy, it has kept me inside WAY more than ever before. And, I have wondered if I have gone soft for not fighting the weather like I usually do…or, if I’m just being smart. I think mixing up some of your runs (with music or with friends, like you eluded) may help add a new level of excitement/adventure to your running.

  7. I think everyone goes in phases with their motivation or love for certain things, and with the life changes you have gone through and continue to go through, it’s no wonder you are struggling. With time, you will get your mojo back!

  8. You have had a lot going on, so I can totally understand why you’re not as mentally ready to commit to training.

    For me, if I see a race I want to do, and am available and can afford it, I go for it. I “train”, but the shape of that training can vary. Sometimes, it’s towards a PR or goal. Sometimes, it’s to get across a finish line. Races are a very social activity for me (I race in lieu of going out, in most cases), so the end time isn’t always my driving motivation.

    When it feels right, you’ll make it happenl.

  9. Ah it seems like a lot of runners are struggling with missing mojo right now. Throw in all that you’re juggling and I can see why you may not be ready to commit to a training plan.

    I say give yourself some grace – you’ll know when you’re ready to dive in again.

  10. Sometimes when I am overwhelmed I choose to do nothing which is okay too. I hope you find your motivation again and a new normal in all areas.

  11. I have definitely been through this and I totally get what you said about “getting too in your head” while running and getting bogged down.
    I know that running with friends helped me tremendously. Also, the weather has been so miserable, seems worse this year than typical, especially with the ice! Spring is right around the corner though!!

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