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Who inspires you?

I’ve been feeling so energized lately. I am loving my new marathon training with my awesome coach Denise Goode from The Sustainable Athlete. I am feeling very positive about attaining my goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon (even with the lowering of the qualifying time to 3:40). I am ecstatic about having a big goal for myself and some training tailored just for me to help me increase my strength, speed, and endurance.

As an added bonus my running friend Bridget has agreed to pace me at The Vermont City Marathon. This means that she will be there with me running the entire 26.2 to help me during my low points and to celebrate my high points along the way.

Do you have an awesome training partner who helps you to reach your goals? Now matter how positive your outlook is on any given day we all need a support team around us to keep us strong.

For me my inspiration comes from Bridget. We both enjoy being silly before, during, and after runs and especially giggly post race or hard workout. Bridget is the kind of training partner who I can always depend on to help me through a workout where my legs feel like lead and hills feel like mountains. She is always up for an easy workout with lots of talking along the way or a super intense silent workout where we both push each other and train to the limit.

Positive Inspiration

Bridget has always been way faster than me but I know that our workouts will always be positive and she will never leave me in the dust (except perhaps on race day). I helped pace Bridget during the last 13 miles of her first 100 mile ultra run last summer and watched her push through limits and try to eliminate negative thinking to achieve her goals. Even when the race became difficult she was able to dig deep and find energy to pick up the pace during the last two miles and to finish in her goal time of under 24 hours.

This personal inner-strength that I witnessed is something that I often think about now as I am racing.

Tonight she and I will head out for some speed work with our head lamps. The challenge is on!

On your marks, get set

This is what I want to feel like on race day!


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