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Weekly Workout Playlist and Training Recap 1

Weekly Workout Playlist

Weekly Workout Playlist

Weekly Workout Playlist

It’s time for my weekly workout playlist again! It’s been a busy week and it looks like the weather is starting to go downhill which means I’ve got to start toughening up for cold weather workouts. It was 37 degrees, rainy and windy the other day and I just couldn’t seem to drag myself out the door. My house was just too cozy and sometimes the treadmill really isn’t that bad. When it comes to treadmill workouts though I need to crank up the tunes and just get moving. I know that a lot of you out their absolutely hate the treadmill but sometimes I love just slipping into the zone on the treadmill and running with no distractions. When I am on the treadmill my mind is free to wander and as the miles tick by.

Here are the tunes that have been keeping me moving on the run this week!

  1. Here–Alessia Cara
  2. Like I’m Gonna Lose You–Meghan Trainor featuring John Legend
  3. Lay It All On Me–Rudimental Featuring Ed Sheeran
  4. Mirrors–Justin Timberlake
  5. Invincible–Kelly Clarkson

Training Recap

  • Friday–1 Hour Power Skate at the ice rink!
  • Saturday–11 mile trail run with my friend Bridget. My legs were feeling sore from bootcamp on Thursday but strong!
  • Sunday–Rest Day. Play day with the family. We enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather and explored in our “deep dark woods.”
  • Monday–Took an additional rest day as I had to take my son to the doctor. He woke up with mysterious leg pain and was unable to put weight on his leg. Thankfully it was all due to a virus and has cleared up!
  • Tuesday–Bootcamp at Atlas Training Systems: Flex Hangs, Plank Rows, Ski Erg, Ab wheel . . . There was more and it was torturous but I stayed focused and worked hard! After Bootcamp I completed an easy half our base run and felt great!
  • Wednesday–Run with Over Under Intervals: 20 min. gradual warmup
    include 4 x :15 sec. striders w/ 1 min. btwn each
    Perform 4 x 6 min. Intervals as 2 x (2 min. @ Steady State ~Half Marathon pace/ 1 min. @ Tempo ~10K pace) w/ 3 min. ez btwn each.
    Cooldown to conclude
  • Thursday–Bootcamp.This was the end of the 4 week training cycle before we start back up again. Today was grueling. 2 Stations:6 rounds of varying reps. 2 minutes to complete with 1 minute rest and repeat: #1 burpees, overhead squats, pull ups #2 gob squats, and there was one more . . .

If you are wondering what I am currently training for I do not currently have any races in the works in the near future. My body is enjoying a little bit of time off from racing. I am looking towards the spring and summer and am tentatively looking at racing the Sugarloaf Marathon but have yet to click enter on the entry page . . . I also have a goal in mind for a time but we shall see. I’ll keep you guessing for now! I have committed to race the Timberman Half Ironman again which I am so excited about! There is so much room for improvement! It’s still early for race planning but I’m definitely hoping to have many race adventures this spring and summer as it will be my least season racing in my thirties. Eek!

Link Love

Here are a few links that inspired me this week that I think you might enjoy!

What are you currently training for? What dream races are you planning for next spring and summer? What is on your workout playlist this week?

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