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What do bricks have to do with triathlons?

Motivation Monday: Triathlon Training has me feeling energized!

Brick Workout Pinkham Notch New Hampshire and Tuckerman's Ravine Trail

Brick Workout Pinkham Notch New Hampshire and Tuckerman’s Ravine Trail

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I’m back! Life was very hectic over the last few weeks. We had graduations, move-up days, class field trips, plays and last week was filled to the brim with family fun with the cousins. With everything that was going on I needed to take a mini-break from the blog. Now I am refreshed and can’t wait to tell you about all of the exciting adventures that lay ahead in the next few months for me. My race schedule has quickly filled up and I am feeling totally amped to race and train! This weekend coming up I have the epic Mount Washington Road Race (7.6 miles up the Auto Road on Mt. Washington), it’s only one hill, right? The following weekend I will be braving my first Olympic Distance Triathlon and I cannot wait!!!

As life has been whipping by I have suddenly gained new confidence in the pool and on the bike.  My new swimming and biking muscles are starting to emerge and I am no longer feeling like breathing is an issue when I hop in the pool. Today I even completed my first mile swim in the pool which was totally invigorating and a new milestone for me! It has been so energizing to add new sports into my life and my body is feeling stronger than ever. My muscles and joints are welcoming the change from the constant pounding of only running.

As a part of my new training schedule for triathlon I have found my new favorite workout, the “Brick.” If you are not a triathlete you probably have no idea what I am talking about but you are correct in thinking that your legs may feel like bricks during your training!

Brick Workouts

Before I started training for a triathlon I had no idea what a “Brick” workout but now I am becoming well practiced at this new way of torturing yourself . . . and I have to admit, I kind of love it! I am a glutton for punishment.  The “Brick” is composed of two components, typically a bike then run but can also be a swim then bike.  The purpose of the “Brick” is so that your body can, “effectively and efficiently prepare for the next demand while recovering from the previous exercise demand. Your heart rate increases significantly as your body tries to shift the blood flow from the muscles of the first exercise to the demands of the muscles of the next. Brick workouts help your body handle the aerobic, anaerobic, and muscular demands of a triathlon event” (SOURCE: BreakingMuscle.Com).

The weekends have thankfully offered up glorious New England Weather perfect for riding and running and I live in the perfect venue for some totally epic “brick” workouts including monster hills for cycling and running too!

Here is what I have learned so far from doing this type of workout.

  • Fueling is essential–the total time of effort can be long which means bonking can easily happen if you are not careful. I do best when I consume my first fuel within the first 30 minutes of riding.
  • I need to invest in some more Body Glide–Chafing can be a problem when moving from swim to bike to run.
  • It is important to have all of your gear ready for the transition from bike to run to make it quick and have fuel ready for consumption.
  • The first mile of the run will feel like you are running through quicksand so it is a good idea to use the first mile to shake out the legs and ease into your pace.
  • I need to practice hydration while biking–do you feel wobbly when you go to grab your water bottle?
  • I need to carry water and Skratch Labs Hydration on the bike to make sure that my Electrolytes stay in balance.

Have you ever done a brick workout? What did you love the most about it? What was the most challenging part.

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2 responses

2 responses

  1. Brick workout are especially tough in the desert, especially when training for a late summer of fall race. Nothing like jumping off the bike and heading out for a run when it’s already over 90 degrees!

    Fortunately, that’s my husband’s problem, as I don’t do triathlons anymore. 🙂
    Debbie @ Live from La Quinta recently posted…Opening New Doors for the FutureMy Profile

  2. Bricks are my favorite runs. I actually do better running post-bike now. Fueling on the bike is crucial for the run (especially once you get up to half and full distances which is what I’m working on now). Oh and I use BodyGlide and Butt’r Cream (especially for the bike). I’m so excited for you for your first Olympic! I did my first one last year and loved it! Enjoy every second!!
    Gabi @LeanGreenIslandGirl recently posted…My Awesome Workout PartnersMy Profile

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