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I am a triathlete! Lobsterman Triathlon 2014

Just call me a triathlete!

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This weekend I officially added triathlete to my list of athletic achievements! I completed the Lobsterman Triathlon in Freeport Maine and had an absolute blast competing!

SWIM. BIKE. RUN. I am a Triathlete!

SWIM. BIKE. RUN. I am a Triathlete!

I had planned on racing in my first triathlon earlier this summer but due to illness was unable to compete. This turned out to be a total blessing in disguise because I don’t think that I would have even been close to being ready for what triathlon racing brings.  The sport of triathlon is truly a whole different beast than the sport of running.

Over the summer I worked hard to improve my swimming endurance and to become comfortable on my bike for longer distances.  The running part of the triathlon is the easy part for me so it was nice for a change to not feel pressured about running specific times.  Having the extra time to train this summer also gave my body time to adjust to the different demands placed on your body by triathlon. I also had more time to develop my swimming and biking muscles which was definitely needed to tackle the challenge of the Olympic Distance Lobsterman course (and wow are they feeling it post race!)

On race day my nerves were high but my excitement level was higher! I was ready to tackle this new adventure with my goal being to finish with a smile!  And guess what! I finished and blew away my expectations for how I would place.

Age Group Results for the Lobsterman Triathlon

Age Group Results for the Lobsterman Triathlon

I am proud to say that I finished 11th out of 32 women in my age group 34-39 and I had an absolute blast racing!  When I crossed the finish line I knew immediately that I was hooked (yes, it’s true, I am an endurance junkie!) and am already dreaming about plans for my next triathlon (GOAL races to be announced soon).

Challenge yourself. Feel empowered. Be proud of your accomplishments!

Challenge yourself. Feel empowered. Be proud of your accomplishments! I am a triathlete!

After completing the race I felt empowered.  I feel like I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. The swim and bike parts of the race were completely outside my comfort zone and I am proud of how I handled these new challenges. It is exhilarating to complete something new and to know that you have accomplished your goals! I have become so tired of holding myself back from going after what I want in life. Life can be fleeting. Don’t wait for it to pass you by!

Life is short. Dream big!

Life is short. Dream big!

It’s time to go big! go for your goals! What goals are you dreaming of?

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22 responses

22 responses

    1. Thanks Laura! I had such a great time racing this event and already have big plans for my next triathlon! Have you ever raced a triathlon?

    1. It was one of the most fun races I’ve done in a long time and pushing outside of my comfort zone has been so great for me!

    1. Yes, such a blast! I am already dreaming of my next triathlon plans! How many have you raced? Sometimes going out of the comfort zone feels absolutely amazing!

    1. I had an absolute blast and am already lining up my triathlon race schedule for next year! It was such fun to mix it up!

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