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Triathlete in the making.



Triathlete in the making. Closing in on Race day.

2 weeks from today I will hopefully have completed the Timberman Half Ironman. This race has been my goal race for the summer and I can’t wait to race. However, I am beginning to feel nervous. I have to admit my training hasn’t quite been what I dreamed it would be for this race. Fitting in time for training with a husband who travels a ton and two busy kids ages (now 7 as of Friday!) and almost 5 who are home for the summer has led to a mixed up training cycle. Every time I feel like I am getting in a great training  groove life gets busy and my training goes out the window. It is a juggling act. Do you ever feel like this like you just can’t seem to settle in to a disciplined schedule?

My expectations for the race are simply to finish and to do it with a smile. With this race being my first half Ironman I am ready to just embrace the experience and to have the best race that I can. That’s the nice thing about the first time racing a new distance or new event, the finish time will be a P.R.!

Here are my goals for the Timber Man Half Ironman Triathlon:

The Swim

  • To stay relaxed during the 1.2 mile swim.
  • To swim at a comfortable pace that is my own pace and to not go out too fast!
  • To maintain bilateral breathing during the swim. I have been working hard on this since last fall.
  • To finish the swim in under 1:10, this is the cutoff time. If the swim is not completed in 1:10 this will result in a DNF.

The Bike

  • To transition to the bike with a full belly. I am worried about fueling on race day so may need to take extra time at the transition to ensure that I am fueled and ready to go.
  • To maintain an even pace during the ride and to possibly have negative splits during the last portion of the race.
  • To ride strong up and over each hill.

The Run

  • Start the run feeling fueled and hydrated
  • To use the first 2 miles to shake out my legs from the bike and to settle into a comfortable pace.
  • To negative split in the last 5 miles.
  • To finish the run in around 2 hours to 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Overall Goals

  • To become a Half Ironman Finisher!
  • To have a great race!

Even though my training hasn’t been completely on track this training cycle when my training has been on it’s been on and I’ve been gaining new confidence with every swim, bike and run. When I haven’t been training I’ve been giggling with my kids, going on adventures, blogging, cooking and dreaming about the next big things to come. Life is moving quickly and I’m trying to hold on tight to time as it passes. It’s so hard to truly experience it all to the fullest but I am trying!

Much love . . .

Much love . . .

Training this week:

  • Sunday: Brick Workout, 57 miles on the bike and a 3 mile run
  • Monday: Easy 4 mile trail run on the Kingdom Trails, recovery run
  • Tuesday: a.m.  10 miles on the Kingdom Trails  p.m. 1:00 Endurance swim
  • Wednesday: a.m. 1.2 Miles swim in lake Willoughby, 1 Hour paddleboarding, p.m. 50 minute run on treadmill
  • Thursday: 3 mile trail Run on Mt. Hor, 1 Hour paddleboarding
  • Friday: 1:10 Bike with power intervals on trainer
  • Saturday: Recovery

What are you training for right now? How is your training going? What are the hardest parts about staying on track with your training schedule?


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8 responses

8 responses

  1. i think the bike course will be hard to negative split, it’s a false flat all the way back up 106 by the speedway. hopefully you are comfortable riding in aero there is some down hill but the last few miles are pretty tough rolling hills and the pavement near Beans and Greens can be tough in spots so watch out.

    i think you might do well on the run course, rolling hills with some flat areas. the finish is sort of downhill so that will be fun as you can hear the announcer and see the beach where the swim was

    take it all one stroke, pedal and step at a time.

  2. I love the heartfelt honesty of this. It’s such a juggling act, right? You are going to do so well in two weeks friend! We’ll be cheering for you. Someday we are going to have to paddleboard together 🙂

  3. Sounds like you are implementing your plan. “Trust the plan” has become my personal mantra; feel free to borrow it. 😉

    Hope you stay healthy and injury-free for race day!

  4. Good goals! I especially like the negative split the last 5 miles goal. I may borrow that. Good luck. I look forward to hearing how it goes.

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