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Talking about riding a bike trainer.

It's All About the Bike Trainer. Surviving a winter of triathlon training indoors. | Organic Runner Mom

It’s All About the Bike Trainer. Indoor Triathlon Training – Organic Runner Mom

It’s Tri-Talk Tuesday and today I’m talking all about indoor cycling! Tri Talk Tuesday, which is cohosted by Cynthia at You Signed Up for What?!, Phaedra at Blisters and Black Toenails, and Courtney at The TriGirl Chronicles.  This is a monthly link-up to talk about everything triathlon which is awesome especially if you are a tri-newbie like me. It is awesome to be learning about a totally new sport and these ladies have so many wonderful triathlon tips to share!

It's Tri-Talk Tuesday. What's happening in triathlon training? Indoor biking |

It’s Tri-Talk Tuesday. What’s happening in triathlon training? Indoor biking | Organic Runner Mom

Since I am a New Hampshire transplant (I’ve been here for almost 15 years now!) I have had to become accustomed to amazing summer and fall cycling and then an endless season of riding my bike on the bike trainer. Thankfully in my prior life as a rower in Maine at Colby College
I was used to many long months of indoor torture training although then the selected torture training device was the Concept II Ergometer. In college we would spend hours “rowing” inside with the meters whirring by in rhythmic harmony. To many this kind of working out seems totally dreadful and utterly boring but for me it was a means to an end (getting stronger for rowing on the water) and the workouts would be almost hypnotic and I actually mostly enjoyed them.

Now instead of the erg I spend my days of indoor training riding on my bike trainer or ticking of the miles on my treadmill when the weather is just too dreadful to go outside. Riding the bike trainer while not nearly as good as actual road riding gives me a way to continue riding through the cold snowy months and enables me to keep up my biking fitness. When I am on my bike trainer I am able to focus on my riding form and posture which is great for a newbie like me. What I have to keep telling myself as I ride my trainer is that it will make me fitter and faster come race day and I will be thankful for all of the time I banked because it all adds up when it comes to overall endurance!

Riding your bike trainer in the winter takes dedication and focus.

Riding your bike trainer in the winter takes dedication and focus.

As with rowing on the Erg for countless hours indoors spending a gazillion minutes on the trainer every winter 9and spring too if you live in New Hampshire) requires discipline especially if you are like me and do not have an indoor group to ride with. The workouts can be long and it can be much easier to end early when you are in the comfort of your own home and not out riding a gloriously long loop. For me when I ride on the trainer I need to get in past the first 20 minutes and then as the sweat begins to pour and the endorphins kick in I am able to get in a great riding groove and just spin away.

Simulating hills on the bike trainer can be more of a challenge as there is nothing that quite compares to grinding up a large hill in the great outdoors hoping that you will make it up and over the crest. When riding indoors simulating hills can be done riding in the big gears and/or you can add some height under your front wheel. With that being said, I am eager to attack some real hills out on the roads. 

This is the view out of my kitchen window today. It's April 7th!

This is the view out of my kitchen window today. It’s April 7th!

Thankfully I am a flexible athlete and with winter seeming to continue on forever in New Hampshire I am able to survive a little longer riding my bike trainer!

How do you survive a winter training indoors. What do you like best about training for sports inside? What do you hate the most?

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16 responses

16 responses

  1. You New Englanders just can’t catch a break! I can’t imagine having to continue to be forced to run on the treadmill for all of my runs, so I can only imagine how crazy you must feel some days being stuck on the indoor bike trainer.

  2. I tried a bike trainer but just couldn’t get into it so I returned it. What I like least about being indoors is being indoors. I miss the fresh air and sunshine.

  3. Another NH resident here, close to the seacoast region. Have you picked up xc skiing yet? It gets us outside and working cardio and breaks up the trainer monotony. There are a lot of areas great for this. But with that said, this warm weather has kept me on my bike outside. Maybe we get a reprieve after the last 2 years!

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