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Treadmill Review. I have a Vision Fitness Premier, what about you?

Vision Fitness Premier T9600 Treadmill Review

Vision Fitness Treadmill Review | Organic Runner Mom

Vision Fitness Treadmill Review

Whether you love or hate running on a treadmill this is when they sometimes become a necessity. Michele from NYCRunningMama asked me to join her in sharing a treadmill review. If you are currently in the market for a treadmill you can find more excellent reviews HERE on Pinterest.

Since I live in New Hampshire, my treadmill and I have become best friends. I have trained for many marathons including two Boston Marathons (2013 and 2014). Training for Boston in the middle of the Polar Vortex last year meant that I got to do plenty of running on my treadmill or “dreadmill” as some people like to call it. I’ve run everything from an easy 3 mile run to a 20 mile+ run when the temperatures have dipped too low to step outside. I have to admit that I am not averse to running on a treadmill because it means I can pop on it for a run even if I can’t escape my house (moms of little kids you totally know what I mean!). My treadmill is also situated on our porch which has big windows looking out at our fields so even if you can’t get out for a run their is an illusion of being outside. The only drawback is that the porch is not heated so in the dead of winter I still have to layer up like I am going outside (at least the porch acts like a windbreak, hahaha!)

Vision Fitness Premier T9600 Treadmill–The Specs

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Treadmill Review

  • Purchased: 2009
  • Cost: Around $2500 (I think?)–This was a priceless investment for my mental health as I suffered post partum depression after both pregnancies. Exercise was important to overcoming PPD.
  • Min/Max Pace: .5 mph – 12.0 mph
  • Min/Max Incline: 0 to 15% incline
  • Dimensions: 60 inch deck
  • Preset workouts: 6 classic programs, 4 heart-rate programs, 3 goal programs, 5 custom programs, 5K, 10K, 15K
  • Heart Rate Monitor:  Hand Pulse sensors are located on handles under the console and their is a wireless Polar heart rate strap.
  • Miscellaneous: Console has video display which has 4 different run scenes, a track, heart rate display or profile display. You can also access your daily-monthly stats. AV connectors on the back of the console allow you to attach a device so that you can view movies while you run. This treadmill has two cup holders. The side rails are non-slip.
  • Warranty: Limited Home use warranty. Frame and motor have lifetime warranties. Electronics and parts have a five year warranty.


  • This treadmill has 6 user login profiles so multiple users can use it and store their data.
  • The Vision Fitness Premier T9600 Treadmill has an orthopedic cushioned belt which makes it easier on your joints.
  • This treadmill has not required much maintenance other than deck waxing, belt tightening and deck cleaning.
  • I like the quick start function and also the pause feature in case you need to jump off for a minute to stretch and need to stop the belt.
  • I have logged many many miles on my treadmill and she just keeps going. This treadmill is high quality and very durable.


  • This treadmill does not like the extreme cold (but then again who does).  When it is too cold the screen goes on the fritz and the motor gets loud (I guess this is a cue to go back inside).
  • I have had some trouble with the treadmill memory holding data from workouts.
  • The cost is high but the treadmill has been very reliable!

If you are on the hunt for a new running partner treadmill I would definitely consider check out Vision Fitness treadmills. I was just perusing their website and they now have treadmills with touch screens and they also have viaFIT which is wireless connectivity for your treadmill. viaFIT interfaces with your computer to better help you to track your fitness goals and progress.

A treadmill should be fun? Right? | Organic Runner Mom

A treadmill should be fun? Right?

What kind of treadmill do you currently train on? Do you have a favorite treadmill workout that you’d like to share?

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19 responses

19 responses

  1. This is AWESOME. I am in the market for a treadmill and had no idea where to start. Great review and I will definitely be checking this one out…it is on the high end of my budget, but definitely worth the look.

  2. I run on an ION that I’ve had for 8 years! It’s pretty darn good, but at rest it has a very slight incline (which I guess isn’t terrible) but it’s much “harder” than the ones at the gym. I think I spent low $1000 range…If I had money to spend I would probably get a new one without the feeling of always being at incline.
    Melanie @ Nutritious Eats recently posted…5 Stitch Fix TipsMy Profile

  3. awesome! As much as I try to avoid the treadmill, if i did have one, my life would be so much easier. This looks like a good option, and I like that the bars at the side do not go all the way back. I always end up hitting my knuckles on those!

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