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Training In Paisley

You may be thinking that “Training in Paisley” means that I am now running in wild outfits covered in colorful paisley print. But it doesn’t . . . Well at least not yet that is!

Fresh Paisley-This may be my new spring look!

Or perhaps this dress?

Although this skirt and dress from RUNNING SKIRTSare both super cute!
Training in Paisley means I just spent a week in a little town called Paisley, Florida on Lake Lulu with my husband’s family. The weekend before we left I spent one day running up a mountain at the last Winter Wild in the snow and the next running 15.5 miles in 85 degree weather in Franconia, NH. This was a good warm up to running in the hot humid Florida weather.
The week in Paisley was perfect! A recovery week for me in my training plan. Hooray (my legs say thank you)! I got to spend a ton of time swimming in fresh water springs and tidal pools with my kids at the beach and quality time with my husband (away from the family biz) and extended family.
We also spent one day at The Magic Kingdom which I must say was quite magical seeing as it was also my first visit. Also, seeing my daughter Piper mesmerized by meeting the princesses and seeing the castle was priceless.

The Magic Kingdom. A magical day!


Fresh water springs=gaining confidence in the water and having a blast!

A goal oriented toddler-determined to fill a hole with water.

My family

When I was not chasing my kids around I spent some time running in the little neighborhood. On my runs I was happy to find the most gigantic aloe plant I have ever seen (useful for the wicked sunburn from a complete fail with sunscreen, ouch!)

Got sunburn? Try giant aloe for relief.

I also loved seeing some friendly goats (that are everywhere in this area of Florida) but not so
much the dead snakes on the road or the raccoon out in broad daylight.

Well hello there my bearded friend

And at the end of a super hot and humid marathon pace run I finished at a local landmark, The Pirates Pub. Seeing as I was totally dehydrated and covered in salt like a salt lick (and not because it is a biker bar wink wink) I decided it would be best if I run home and enjoy some cool water and a freshly picked grapefruit from a tree in the yard instead with my own little biker babes.

It think this speaks for itself

Looking for ice-cold refreshment?

Biker Babe (It is only a trike and her Grammy rides it, I think she's ready)

Biker Dude-"Coooooool. Wheeeeels!" This boy loves anything with wheels.

All in all it was a fantastic vacation. Everyone came home from the vacation tired (and perhaps in need of another vacation) At least my legs are rested now and ready to hit the roads again with some serious mileage!


This vacation is hard work


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