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Trail Running Gear Holiday Gift Guide 2012

This holiday gift guide is full of trail running gear for the obsessed trail runner in your life.  In my last post I featured trail running gear that is great for more extreme trail running conditions. Now I want to share some of my favorite fun gear for trail runners (caution: trail running gear may include bold colors/wild patterns, and maybe even some sparkles-because who doesn’t need a little sparkle to add a little spring in their running step?)

Organic Runner Mom’s Holiday Gift Guide for Trail Runners (Part 2)

  1. Sweaty Bands

I used to think that this type of headband would never work for me. Other headbands would always fly off of my head mid trail run (no joke-I think my head is a strange shape). But then my friend Alison introduced me to Sweaty Bands. They come in all kinds of patterns and animal prints and even in this awesome Viva Diva Turquoise Sparkle. These headbands absolutely do not budge even when you are putting in high miles and they keep the annoying little fly-away pieces out of your eyes when the wind is whipping.  This is definitely a trail running

Turquoise Viva Diva Sweaty Band-For Glamourous Trail Running

Turquoise Viva Diva Sweaty Band-For Glamourous Trail Running


Skirt Sports-Lotta Breeze Capri-Perfect for Trail Running

If you read my blog your probably already know that I am a #runningskirt addict.  When I run in a skirt (which is on most runs) I love Skirt SportsI love the wild patterns and bright colors of Skirt Sports plus the functionality of these skirts is amazing. The compression shorts/spandex under these skirts is super comfortable, does not chafe, and has pockets that can hold anything from an iPhone to several energy gels.  When the weather is a little colder and I am hitting the trails I still love my skirts. The Lotta Breeze Capri is very comfortable and perfect for running during this crazy warm December weather that we are having in New Hampshire (Where is the snow?). If you are looking for an alternative to running shorts I would definitely check out Skirt Sports and #converttoskirt!

Skirt Sports Lotta Breeze Capris-Lapis with Celebration Print for Trail Running

Skirt Sports Lotta Breeze Capris-Lapis with Celebration Print

3. SLS3 Women’s Compression Socks from SL3S Intelligent Race Apparel

I have been running in these compression socks since last spring and love the feeling during and post run. They are supposed to aid with blood flow and also to help with recovery after runs. I also like them when trail running and mountain running because they help to protect my legs from gnarly things such as prickers and ticks that you can encounter on the trails. The other reason why I like these socks are the colors-Hibiscus Pink/White or Azure Blue/White.

SLS3 Women's Compression Socks for Trail Running

SLS3 Women’s Compression Socks

4. LuLuLemon Run: Bundle Up Jacket

I do not have this jacket (YET). But every woman LOVES Lululemon. This jacket is simply pretty but functional too with reflective details, micro-fleece, water resistant technology, goose down . . . and MORE!  I bet the trail runner in your house would love to find this trail running jacket under the tree this year! (I know I would!)

Lululemon Run-Bundle Up Jacket

Lululemon Run-Bundle Up Jacket

5. Women’s Swix Star XC 100 Gloves

These gloves are perfect for nordic skiing but have become my go to glove for winter trail running. They are lightweight but warm with a nice PrimaLoft filling. These gloves are warm and do a good job of wicking the moisture away from your hands.

Women's Swix Star XC 100 Gloves-For toasty fingers when trail running

Women’s Swix Star XC 100 Gloves-For toasty fingers when trail running

Hopefully these holiday gifts will be the perfect gift for the trail runner at your house this holiday season! Happy running!

Organic Runner Mom wishing you a Happy Holiday and Happy Running!

Organic Runner Mom wishing you a Happy Holiday and Happy Running!


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4 responses

4 responses

  1. Lots of great stuff here! I am a big fan of compression socks and that’s a brand I hadn’t heard of before. And those are some toasty socks!

    1. These are my favorite compression socks. Call me cheesy but I especially like the cute little butterflies 😉

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