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Trail running again (and blogging again too)!

Back on the trail! Organic Runner Mom

Back on the trail!

It’s been a VERY busy summer!  July was a blur of summer fun with my kids, some work and getting back to speed with running. After some weeks of low miles on the road and the treadmill I finally feel like I am back (you can expect to see me out on the New Hampshire and Vermont trails for the rest of the summer)! During the end of June and the first part of July I slowly eased myself back into trail running and by the end of July was able to complete some epic trail running miles while out on the most heavenly vacation in Trail Runner Magazine‘s #1 Rated trail running mecca Bend, Oregon (more to come on that soon I promise!)

Soda Creek Trail to Broken Top-Trail Running in Bend, Oregon

Soda Creek Trail to Broken Top-Trail Running in Bend, Oregon

I am just happy to be able to run again! I am going to continue to be somewhat cautious on the trails here in New Hampshire and Vermont as the terrain can sometimes be unforgiving with its endless network of roots and rocks (the trail in Bend , Oregon was much more forgiving. Soft single track. Gorgeous!). Now that I am able to hit the trails agin it is time to start planning new trail running race adventures for the end of the summer and the fall. I still have my sights on the 50K and am hoping to be ready for my first at the NH Pinnacle 50K in October. This race should be a good choice as it is a mix of rail trail, pavement and single and double track so hopefully this will not affect my peroneal tendon and cause the tendonitis to return.

So now I am officially jumping back into training and will hopefully be able to build up my weekly mileage with no trouble. My fingers are double and triple crossed! And I am fired up and ready to train!

What races do you have planned for the end of the summer and fall?




3 responses

3 responses

  1. Loved reading this! We are probably moving to Bend in July instead of going back to Portland and it is so great to read about the fact that it is a great place for trail running. I’m in love with Asheville, NC and so sad to leave but going to Bend will make it loads better!

    1. That is so exciting!!! I loved visiting Bend and would love to go back again next summer. We have dreams of owning a condo there some day. The trail running is amazing! I can’t wait to hear about all of your adventures!

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