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Top Five ways to stay positive on a long marathon training run

It's so cold . . .

It’s so cold . . .

I am right in the bulk of the mileage for my Boston Marathon training right now and I am not going to lie . . . I AM OVER THIS CRAZY COLD WEATHER!  I am tired of waking up on long run Sundays only to check the forecast to discover that the thermometer is still reading below zero.  It can be so hard to get out from under my cozy down comforter and snuggly pajamas and to try to figure out how many layers I will need to keep me “warm” and by warm I mean just warm enough so that my fingers don’t turn into frozen icicles and my toes don’t become cold lead bricks.  The first mile or so of any run when the temperatures are as they have been can feel like slow cold torture until your body begins to warm as you begin to tick off the miles.

Yesterday the training schedule called for 18 miles. 18 cold miles. It was time to put on my warm gear and my positive attitude and to try to make it a strong and fun run.

Top 5 Ways to stay positive on a long marathon run.



  1. Run with a friend (one who makes you laugh and who you can share stories with is the best kind!) or in a group.
  2. Run with music that pumps you up and maybe even makes you dance a little.
  3. Mix it up–Run on the road for part of the run and then switch to the trails (This weekend we ran on a mix of dirt roads and snow mobile trails which made the run extra fun!). If you can’t mix up the terrain, find a new location to run and map out your next adventure.
  4. Divide your run into chunks–i.e. run the first part of the run easy and on flats, take the second part of the run to the hills and work on keep your form strong on downhills and uphills,  finish the run with some nice long downhills and work on picking up the pace every ten minutes.
  5. Practice visualizing how your race will go.  Share your fears and goals with your training partner(s) and they can  help you work through the things that seem difficult (You will carry this great mental preparation with you on race day!)

 How do you keep a positive attitude on a long run (especially when the conditions are less than ideal)?

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Happy running and hang in there! I hear its time to turn the clocks forward this weekend so even if its not any warmer at least the days will be a bit longer for running!


4 responses

4 responses

  1. I have never run a full marathon, only one half, but I think your tips apply. And I also like to make sure I am running routes that I find visually appealing. And I like to run with my husband. He keeps me entertained and is good company. I also like to have snacks and extra water stashed – usually in the car trunk so I park the car and do out and backs in both directions.

    I like to use whey protein powder in smoothies and in pancakes and just sprinkled over fruit in a bowl with some nuts and a bit of almond milk drizzled over it.
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  2. Great tips. I ran a 20 mile training run Sunday with a training partner and it helped tremendously. Fighting a cold/cough and trying to manage a long run is no fun solo. I also agree that music can be a really great pick me up during the difficult parts of a long run!
    Pam recently posted…Training Tuesday: new spring workout wear!My Profile

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