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Top five reasons why I love running in the spring (aka mud season)


Winter is days away from officially being over. The Vernal Equinox is this Wednesday, March 20th. That means spring will be here right? Not exactly. I was just about ready to ditch the layers and the long running tights in favor of my bright rainbow array of running skirts but instead today, the “lion” of March has dropped more snow on us. It’s officially mud season here in New Hampshire with a little more old man winter to keep things interesting for running!

Spring for a New Hampshire runner is a very different beast. One which perhaps you might say makes a New England runner tougher.

Here is why I love spring running so much:
1. Spring=MUD SEASON. Coming back from a run with mud splattered over the backs of your legs makes you feel like a bada$$. Hey, it’s why mud runs are so popular right?

2. Spring days when the temperatures continue to resist rising above freezing toughen your spirit, determination and resilience.

3. On a 50 degree spring day during mud season runners can be seen dressed as if it’s the middle of summer. Do the math-50 degrees is 70 degrees warmer than a -20 degree wind chill winter day. It’s a heat wave!

4. Mud season signals the start to an awesome summer trail and mountain running season. What? You haven’t tried trail running yet? I would highly recommend it!

5. Spring racing season is around the corner. It’s time to test out that winter training. For me that means running my first official Boston Marathon and my first 50K ultra at the Pineland Farms Trail Running Festival. What spring races will you be running?

Once the snow melts every day will be a mud run (at least for a little while). Get out and enjoy the adventure!

Running in Mud Season

Running in Mud Season



5 responses

5 responses

  1. I absolutely love mud. We had snow here in VA Monday morning, but it warmed up yesterday so the dirt road I like to run on was super muddy! And of course I picked yesterday to break in my shoes for Boston Marathon….

  2. We just had another dumping of snow on the weekend so although it’s Spring it doesn’t resemble it outside. I’m really looking forward to the slushy puddles, mud packed trails and the warmer weather, especially since I’m starting to trail run for the first time.

    1. Me too! The flowers are starting to come up by this morning it was barely 32 degrees. BRRRRR! Hope you are staying warm. HAppy running!

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