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Tips for gaining self-confidence. Lessons learned from running.

Find self-confidence!

Change your attitude. Change your life.

Change your attitude. Change your life.

Last week I did something that I never thought I would be able to do. I was one of the speakers at the Vermont Specialty Food Network Fall Meeting. The topic–Blogging and Social Media and the Specialty Food Niche. As the meeting date moved closer I was informed that there would be 80 people in attendance.  At first this number was immediately anxiety producing.  The first place my mind went was to standing in front of a large roomful of strangers and having them all staring at me and me standing there frozen with fear.  I quickly realized that this attitude was not going to get me anywhere. I can be the queen of self sabotage. The perfectionist within is always trying to hold me back from achieving the goals that I am dreaming of. Now it was time to take the self-confidence that I have learned from running and apply it to my “real” life!

It’s time for an attitude change.

I realized that I had said yes to this opportunity because I knew that I had the confidence to be able to do a fantastic job. I just needed to able to find my inner confidence and allow myself to shine.

Let me share with you what I did differently this time when faced with a challenge and how I found personal success.

Tips for gaining self confidence. Lessons for life learned from running!

  1. Train for it!–the preparation of my Power Point and practice of my talk was my “training,” the talk would be the race.
  2. Visualize and take deep breaths–This always helps before a race so why not before getting up in front of a group of strangers to talk?
  3. Anticipate any bumps in the road–During a race you can encounter problems such as cramps, or dehydration but if you are thinking ahead you can take measures to prevent any problems that may occur. I came to my talk prepared with a hard copy of my talk and a copy on my flash drive.
  4. Use the nervous energy for a positive outcome–At the start of the race I always have a rapid rush of adrenaline. The same goes for talking in front of a group of people. I decided to embrace the energy and to use it as enthusiasm and energy for my talk.
  5. Warm up– At this speaking engagement I warmed up my speaking muscles by talking to a few people about my blog, what I had prepared to speak about and how I got into blogging. Talking helped me to feel more relaxed and comfortable before I got up to speak.
  6. Know the course (or in this course know your audience)–You would never go to a race without knowing the distance or having a general idea of where the course goes. Before speaking I did a little research about the members in the group that I would be speaking too to understand what they might be interested in learning about as it applies to blogging, social media and their specialty food business. 
  7. Set new goals for yourself and go for them!–When it comes to racing I have let go of fear and take on the challenge of meeting my goals. I decided that there was nothing to lose being a speaker and that I should should embrace the experience and share what I know.
  8. Ditch the negative self-talk–How many times have you second guessed yourself at a race? How many times have you told yourself I can’t do it? I am done with negative self-talk.  Changing the words that I tell myself before I go to do something big like a race or a speaking gig completely changes my entire attitude. Positive talk can be life changing and a huge confidence builder. I highly recommend trying it!

How do you build self-confidence? Do you have any tricks that work for you?

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9 responses

9 responses

  1. “Set new goals for yourself and go for them” – this would be my #1. Everytime I set a big (reasonable) goal for myself, I push hard to achieve it and I always do. Thanks for this post – and for an awesome blog! So glad to be following your updates and helping you achieve success! – RBN!

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