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The Weekly Rundown-Week of April 1st-7th

The Weekly Rundown

Half Marathon Training is cruising along. I had a minor setback this week with a slight strain of my right calf/achilles but with some rest over the weekend it seems to be feeling better. This was just a reminder that I need to do a better job of stretching and warming up prior to some of the harder runs. I strained it doing a Threshold run when I was running at faster paces.

Monday-CrossFit 1:00

Monday started off the week with CrossFit with Alaina. We started off with some rowing and reverse lunges. Then we did Strict overhead press, strict pull ups and air squats. We finished off with the assault bike, alternating with kettlebell swings for 12 minutes,

Tuesday-Recovery Day

Wednesday-Base Run on Trails 1:15

On Wednesday I hit the trails with my good friend Lily for an icy , snowy running adventure. We definitely needed our micro-spikes because there were some ice flows across the trails in places. We also had to navigate a brook crossing over an ice dam.

Thursday-Threshold Run 55 minutes

This was a tough workout but I felt so good when it was finished. For the workout I did 15 minutes of warming up then 3×7 minutes at a 10K pace with 4:00 easy in between. The rest of the run was easy. I may have gone a little fast here because I was feeling so good. This also may be the source of the calf strain.

Friday-Tennis 1:00

On Friday I was supposed to do a bike workout but instead I took a 1:00 tennis lesson. This was my first tennis lesson since I was growing up and so much fun. I am going to be adding tennis into my weekly workout schedule.

Saturday and Sunday-Rest Day

I had my kids all weekend so couldn’t escape to the roads or trails for a run. Also, with my calf/achilles still a bit sore I decided to rest and ice.

Overall this was not my most intense week of running but sometimes you just have to roll with the way things are going. I am trying not to put too much pressure on myself through this training cycle. As a goal for the race I am shooting for breaking 1:45. I ran a 1:45 in the fall on a hilly course at the CHAD Hero Half and this course is flat which should help me with my pace. Most of the running I am doing is very hilly so my legs should be getting very strong.

What was your favorite workout this week? Have you had an injuries or setbacks?

organic runner mom
organic runner mom

10 responses

10 responses

  1. Oh no! Hopefully your calf is healing up just fine. I’ve been there but my strain was a bit more intense and I was out for weeks.

    My favorite workout was my Tempo run. My coach is having me do one once a week but he’s sneaky and changes it up on me. Some weeks have recoveries and some don’t! It keeps my mind guessing but I always feel good after them!
    Virjinia @ With Purpose and Kindness recently posted…Runner’s Guide To Nashville!My Profile

  2. Good call on backing off from the calf strain. Tennis sounds like fun – do you have a group or club to play with? I think one reason racing hurts so much is that I don’t do tempo or threshhold runs. That work does pay off and I know I’m missing that from my training.
    Coco recently posted…Cherry Blossoms In BloomMy Profile

  3. Great week and I’m glad that the calf strain wasn’t anything serious. I also need to be better after my pre run stretching

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