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The Rundown-Weekly Workout Recap March

The Rundown-Weekly Workout Recap

Weekly Workout Recap March 25-March 31

Here is the Rundown of my latest workouts. I am training for the Wallis Sands Half Marathon on May 19th. As usual there is a mix of running, CrossFit, and yoga, and even some cycling on the bike trainer (some people are already braving the roads on their bikes but it’s not quite warm enough for me yet).

Monday-CrossFit 1:00

Today’s workout kicked my ass. Here is the lowdown of what Trainer Alaina had us do: 4 by 250 m row and 30 sec handstand hold, then 5×8 backsquats alternating with 10 push ups, and finally a 12 min ladder-1 burpee, 1 box step up/over, 2 burpees 2 box step up/over . . . and so on on so on. I think I made it to 13 burpees with 13 box step up/over.

Tuesday-Yoga 1:00 in the morning and a 45 Minute Base Run in the afternoon

Hot Hatha Flow Yoga at Mighty Yoga. As usual my body felt creaky and I still cannot master some of the balance poses (patience grasshopper). It did feel great to stretch out! I was so psyched to run in the afternoon as it was gorgeous outside, sunny and in the 40’s. I decided to take my dog Teddy Bear with me for the run knowing full well he was going to turn into a muddy mess on the dirt road (you should have seen his bath water when we finished. Teddy and I ran 4.85 miles. The pace was a little uneven as he was pulling me on the downhills and there was 663 ft of elevation gain overall. Our average pace was 9:24 min/mile

Wednesday-Moose Mountain Run 1:06.52, 5.3 miles

Moose Mountain with Lily

On Wednesday, the weather was perfect for a run up Moose Mountain which is right by my house. My friend Lily joined me. We ran from my house and threw on our micro-spikes when we got to the trailhead since the trail is still hard-packed and icy. This run involved some power hiking and was definitely speedier on the way down than the way up.

Moose Mountain views

Thursday-Recovery Day

Friday-Progression Run 51:29, 6 miles

Progression Run

On Friday I had a progression run which started with 10 minutes warm-up/easy, the next 10 at marathon pace, then 10 at half marathon pace, then 10 minutes at 10K pace followed by 2 minutes all out then a cool down. This was a tough workout. I had to run on a windy road from my house which wasn’t the best and I had a fair amount of uphill during the 10 minute at 10K pace portion. Next time I will choose my running route more carefully.

Saturday-5 mile run with the Running Bloggers

Running Blogger Weekend!

On Saturday I met up with some of my most favorite running blogger friends at Okemo Mountain Resort for an awesome girls weekend (Sarah, Allie, Angela, Laura, Carly, and Christine). Our weekend consisted of a little running, a lot of great food and even more talking. We ran a mix of snow mobile trails and hills and mostly just enjoyed each others company while we ran.

Running with Happy Fit Mama, Angela
Blogger photo shoot of course!

Sunday-50 minute run

Miles and Smiles At Okemo Mountain Resort

On Sunday we squeezed in another run before we all had to say goodbye. It was an easy paced run. I was supposed to run longer but my legs were kicked from the progression run on Friday and the hills that Sarah, Angela, and I had tackled on Saturday.

If these running shoes could talk.

The best part of this week was of course hanging out with my running blogger friends and sharing so many stories and laughs. We don’t get to get together enough but when we do it’s always sure to be a good time. We are now scheming a way to possibly run the Vermont 100 on 100 Relay this summer . . . stay tuned for details about that!

Best weekend with Running Blogger Friends

What was your best workout this past week? What was your hardest workout?

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