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The Long Run.

The Long Run

The long run.

I am slowly building up my mileage. I am hopefully running the
Portland Marathon this fall in Portland, Oregon with my good friend Hope. That is if it does not get cancelled because of the Coronavirus. So, I am slowly but surely building up my mileage and extending my long runs.

This weekend it was a 10.5 miler. It was awesome! The weather was in the low 70’s with beautiful sun and a breeze. I ran with my boyfriend James and it was so nice to have the company. We decided on a loop that we would run 3 times that ran for part of the way along the Connecticut River. It was very pretty. Doing a loop run where you repeat the loop can be nice for several reasons. First of all, once you run the loop once you know what the terrain will be. Secondly, you can leave water and fuel at your car so that you do not have to carry anything with you which can be nice. Thirdly, It can be easier to work on pacing when you are running the same loop on repetition.

For the run we decided on running each loop a little faster . . . a negative split run. I put my watch on heart-rate for the run and James led the pacing. I sometimes get overexcited and want to push the pace so he kept us on track with our speed. Running negative splits will help you to conserve energy for the later part of a run and is a great strategy for race day.

James on the long run

When I run I spend a lot of time in my head even when I am running with someone. We chat a little but I also spend a lot of time with my thoughts. I find running to be very meditative. On this run I had a lot of different thoughts rolling through my head. I thought a lot about my running form especially as I got more tired. I thought about using my arms to propel me by taking some of the pressure off of my legs. We often forget how important the upper body is to running and how as we become fatigued using the strength in your arms can help you to push forward. I also thought about using my hamstrings and my glutes to push me forward. I spend a lot of time as well listening to my breathing and the sound of the foot-strikes. I also will often choose a song to think about, it then plays on repeat in my head. What do you think about when you run?

Find out what happened on @organicrunmom’s latest long run. #running #runchat #runnergirl

At the end of each loop we stopped at the car for water and gatorade. We each took a PowerBar Gel at the end of the second loop. Each loop we ran we bumped the pace up until the last mile we hit was 8:01 min/mile. I felt strong on this run and loved having James running with me. It is so nice to have someone there with you knowing that they are working hard too. We ran the last half mile easy. Our run totaled out at 10.5 miles in 1:38. After we ran we went and put our legs in the Connecticut River upon James’s suggestion. The water is so cold right now that it was like an ice bath, perfect for recovery.

I am looking forward to continuing to bump up long run mileage. I hope to do more long runs with James. In a few weeks several of us are hoping to get together to run the Covered Bridges Half Marathon course. The Covered Bridge Half Marathon was supposed to take place this June but has been cancelled until next year like so many other races.

Going for a walk after the run.

Tell me about your last long run. What do you think about on the long run? Do you like to repeat loops when you run sometimes?

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10 responses

10 responses

  1. I have a perfect 5K loop that I often run (with my house as the pit stop). I run in in one direction, then double back the other direction (essentially a 10K out & back). It has a couple of hills, so I “get” to run those in each direction as well 🙂
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted…PR’s: More than finish timesMy Profile

  2. I’m so glad you have a built-in running partner now! I’m happy for you.

    My mind wanders when I run long. Sometimes I feel like I’m solving the problems of the world lol. Or I listen to a book.

    I’ve been running around 10 miles for the last few weeks for my long runs. I’m not sure if I’ll increase. My marathon was canceled and I haven’t heard word if they will reschedule to the fall or just 2021, but I have a feeling they will just skip this year.
    Debbie recently posted…5 Training Mistakes That Can Hijack Your Running Goals (and Cause Injury)My Profile

  3. I love long runs! I definitely get lost in my thoughts when I am running for a long time. I do lots of loops, especially now because I don’t go out of my neighborhood which is pretty small.

  4. I haven’t had a long run in a while, although I’ve had a four mile walk LOL!

    You look so happy! I am so glad you had a great run and have found someone you love running with! That makes it so much better!

  5. I’m glad you can still concentrate during your run and get a mental break from everything else. I figure skate so my sport is on hiatus right now. I hope you will be able to have your event in the fall, but even if not, I’m glad you have it in mind to provide some focus to your training.
    Mary recently posted…Strange Sectionals: Phoenix PrequelMy Profile

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