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The Friday Fresh Look-5 Things I’m loving right now.

The Fresh LOOK! 5 things I’m loving right now.

It’s time for another edition of the fresh look. Here are 5 things that I am loving right now that I want to share with you. Please check it out and share your favorites at the end in the comments!

1. Skirt Sports Triple Pocket Tight in Temper Tantrum. Retail Price $90.

Skirt Sports Triple Pocket Tight Temper Tantrum

Skirt Sports Triple Pocket Tight Temper Tantrum

 This is my favorite fall and winter go to running tight right now. I love the length on these tights (29″ inseam) and the fit is superb. The waist band is a high rise which is super comfortable. These tights have nice flat seams so no chafing. There is a continuous drawcord too to make the fit extra perfect.  One of the best features about the Skirt Sports Triple Pocket Tight are the three pockets. Two pockets on the legs and one in the rear waistband. I use the pockets to carry everything from my key, energy gel phones, to even my gloves when my hands get hot. You will be a standout in the Temper Tantrum print as you brighten up the winter roads and trails.

2. Ethan’s MCT Shots. Retail Price $48.00 for a 12 Pack Sampler.

Ethan's MCT Oil

Ethan’s MCT Oil

 Ethan’s MCT Shots have 8 grams of organic coconut multi chain triglycerides. MCT’s contain fatty acids that are more easily absorbed by the body than longer chain triglycerides. MCTs provide the body with fast acting, long lasting and sustained energy perfect for giving you a boost during the day. These MCT shots come in 4 flavors–Orange Cacao, Matcha, and Turmeric Ginger

3. Swiftwick, PURSUIT™ performance sock line. Retail Price $15.99-$34.99.

Swiftwick Pursuit Series Socks

Swiftwick Pursuit Series Socks

 These socks are made with U.S.-sourced merino wool. They moisture to keep you dry and comfortable year-round. The toe is seamless to prevent chafing. The Swiftwick Pursuit performance sock line comes in 6 cuff heights. These socks are medium compression and they have some cushioning in the sole. These socks are made with sustainable practices and are Made in the U.S.A.

4. Favorite Quote: “Write it on Your Heart that Every Day is the Best Day in the Year.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ralph Waldo Emerson Quote

Ralph Waldo Emerson Quote

5. This Feeling by The Chainsmokers Featuring Kelsea Ballerini. Here is one of my current favorite go to songs for working out.

What are you loving right now? Please share in the comments!

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3 responses

3 responses

  1. I LOVE that song too and that quote is exactly what I need to start this week – YAY!!! I always love your Skirt Sports picks so I may need to check out those running tights!!
    Have a great week xo

  2. Swiftwick socks are the best. I even got my son hooked on them … which means he steals mine. Which is pretty funny and also a little expensive.

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