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The Best One Mile Run Ever

I got to go for a one mile run tonight!

After 6 weeks off from running due to peroneal tendonitis one mile was just perfect.  I ran from my house right when the sun was casting perfect light on the mountains. I took it easy and was obviously not concerned about my pace. The main goal was to get out and run with no pain.

I taped my foot with KT tape (I still need to perfect my taping technique) and put on my Brooks Adrenaline GTS, thankful for the giant footbridge support necessary for any major overpronator like me. I headed out of my driveway and picked up an easy pace very aware of my body and the feeling in all of my joints and muscles. It felt so great to run and stretch my legs. It was tempting to run more than just a mile but I was disciplined and turned back for home at .5 miles and enjoyed an easy run back to my house. After my run my body still craved the endorphin rush so I hopped on my Concept II Ergometer for awhile until I had worked up a nice sweat.  After my workout I did my therapy band exercises followed by a little icing.

I will be heading back for Physical Therapy tomorrow at the Alpine Clinic tomorrow and can’t wait to tell them about my run. I feel pretty fortunate to be able to work with an amazing physical therapy team at the Alpine Clinic. When not working with amateur athletes like me my PT is the therapist for the U.S. National Ski Jumping Team which is pretty cool to hear about.

So one mile down and hopefully I will be adding many more to my training plans soon. But for tonight I’ll gladly take my one mile run and enjoy the fact that my foot is healing!

Please tell me about a running injury that you have had to deal with recently. 



One response

One response

  1. Any time we can get in a solid run (any distance) while recovering from an injury is always a great feeling. I havent had a chance to watch the video, but I’m guessing you are feeling good. Congrats on taking the proper steps before AND after. Gotta take the right steps to recover and back.

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