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The Benefits of Running Slow

The  Benefits of Running Slow
The Benefits of Running Slow

Why Running Slow is Important

It is easy to get into a routine of running the same fast pace all the time but running slow can be just as important as running fast. Running slow should not be neglected if you want to become a faster stronger runner.

How do you know if you are running slow?

Running slowly can easily be determined by how easy it is to hold a conversation with someone. If you can easily chat on the run then you are running slow. If you are using heartrate training then you would want to be running in zones one or two. Zone one is an easy jog and zone two is a slightly faster aerobic pace. Your heartrate should be somewhere between 110 and 140 heartbeats per minute.

It can be hard at first to go slow for your runs because your inclination is to speed up an go faster but going slow has great benefits for your running.

There are huge benefits to becoming a faster stronger runner if you spend some of your training time going slow.

Benefits to running slow

  • Your running form will be most efficient when you are going slow. This is a great time to focus on and work on your running form.
  • You will be training to become more efficient with your respiratory system, your cardiovascular system and your muscles.
  • Injury risk is lower as you are putting less strain on your body.
  • You can run more often and build up your miles.
  • You are improving your aerobic energy system.
  • Slow running will allow your body to recover from harder, faster running,
  • You can use slow running as active recovery after a hard run because it helps to ” facilitate blood flow gently to the damaged muscles that need help” (
  • You will build your base when you do slow runs.

Running slow all the time will provide you with a good base but should be interspersed with harder workouts such as intervals and hill workouts if you want to get faster. According to Women’s Running, ” 75–80 percent of your weekly mileage should be slower running.”

Why should you run slow? Check out the benefits of running slow. #runchat #womensrunning #running

Do you run slow sometimes? What is your favorite thing about running slow?

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7 responses

7 responses

  1. I’ve learned to really enjoy and appreciate slow runs! I have noticed that when I am training if I run my easy runs really easy then I can push harder for my workouts. I actually think that being pregnant helped me to learn how to truly run slow for various reasons. So since returning to running after having my son my paces vary alot more and my easy pace is slower than it used to be.

  2. Very good points here.
    I like relaxed long runs where I don’t chase the pace. What I’ve noticed is that I start off very slowly and gradually get faster. I have to remind myself to slow down.
    The Maffetone Formula is also quite helpful to calculate the ideal heart rate for slow runs.
    Catrina recently posted…Commit to be Fit!My Profile

  3. well I guess I would say that I always run slow ha ha. Yes I do love a longer slower run and always feel a great sense of accomplishment afterwards

  4. Obviously, I am running super slowly right now, so it’s clearly benefitting me LOL! I am so grateful to be able to run at all, so hopefully it pays off in the end.

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