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The 21 Day Project.

A Guest Post. The 21 Day Project.

Hello healthy friends! Today I want to introduce you to my friend and Yoga teacher Stacey, from Rooted by Stacey, owner of a local yoga studio where I live. Stacey is beginning a journey of daily practice through writing and would love to have you join in to take part in The 21 Day Project. Each month she will introduce a topic that will bring you on a personal journey of discovery through written word and focus in your life.

Here is a little bit more about Stacey and about The 21 Day Project.

Stacey Doll. Rooted By Stacey. 

Stacey Doll, owner of Rooted By Stacey, Yoga Teacher.

Stacey Doll, owner of Rooted By Stacey, Yoga Teacher.

Deeply connected to the earth, I divide my time between my yoga and permaculture teachings.  I am a 500 RYT yoga instructor and yoga studio owner, currently leading a 200 RYT Yoga Teacher Training at my studio and teaching several earth based yoga classes a week.  I am currently enrolled in Shamanic Reiki Master Training as well.  I have my Permaculture Design Certification and two advanced Permaculture Design diplomas.

I received my Permaculture Teacher Training certification last year and have taught several Permaculture Workshops and trainings.  This year, I will be co-teaching a Permaculture Design Certification Course at Canterbury Shaker Village.  I spend a lot of time outdoors connect with nature and work to reconnect all aspects of my life to the rhythms of the natural world.

Rooted By Stacey

Rooted By Stacey

The 21 Day Project

The 21 Day Project from Rooted by Stacey. A daily practice. Writing for 21 Days . . . To Find out more click here. | Organic Runner Mom

The 21 Day Project from Rooted by Stacey

Starting a blog can be scary. Putting your words out there for others to read and rooting yourself in a place of non-judgment and contentment for what you have shared and how people respond. I’m fortunate my yoga practice has allowed me to practice non-judgment and contentment so I can weave that into my new daily practice of blogging.

I’m a yoga practitioner and teacher and a permaculture practitioner and teacher who took a risk and opened up my own business just two years ago. The hard and arduous road that led me to opening Rooted by Stacey, LLC, my business, is one that you only read about in non-fiction books that Oprah has deemed Book of the Month for its incredible twists and turns, emotional plots, and hope for a better tomorrow. Many of my teachers, friends, and colleagues have asked me, “so when are you going to write a book,” not just because they want to read all the hairy details but because they know I love to write. Writing is my meditation, its my grounding. And when I write it helps set the tone for my day.

Which is why I’m starting The 21-Day Project . . .. . TODAY. The 21-Day Project is an opportunity for me to write every day, as a daily practice of being mindful and connected to something other than to-do-lists, emails, and expectations. Every day I will write about a theme for 21-Days and I’ll ask readers to reflect on that theme in their own life. For instance, tomorrow we begin with gratitude – I’ll write for 21-days on the small and big things I am grateful for and encourage others to write or reflect that day on what they are grateful for or simply just be in a state of gratitude for the day. After 21-Days, I’ll change the theme to love, abundance, letting go, courageous acts . . . .

Stacey’s hope is that  you will consider joining the movement and give yourself the time and space to reflect on embracing your own daily practice, letting it ground you and guide you through your day. This cycle of the 21 Day project she will be starting with Gratitude.To read more, visit Stacey at The 21 Day Project.

Wishing you health and positive energy in your day.

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