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Tespo Connect and Personalized Vitamin Pods

TESPO Connect Vitamin Dispenser and Vitamin Pods Review
TESPO Connect Vitamin Dispenser and Vitamin Pods Review

Product Review: Tespo Liquid Vitamin Delivery System

*Disclaimer: Tespo provided me with a Tespo Connect Countertop liquid vitamin delivery system and personalized vitamin pod for my review. All opinions expressed here are my own.

I was recently contacted about trying out Tespo which is a liquid vitamin delivery system. I have to admit that I am not good about taking my vitamins on a regular basis. The main reason for this . . . I hate taking pills. Tespo seemed like the perfect answer for me to try. Tespo is a liquid vitamin delivery system that contains no fillers, artificial colors, and is non-GMO.

What you get:

TESPO Connect Countertop Delivery System
TESPO Connect Countertop Delivery System

You will need to order the Tespo Connect Countertop Delivery System ($149) which is similar to a Keurig except for that it is for vitamins! This small appliance sits on your countertop. The unit has a water container and comes with a special cup that works with the unit. Along with the countertop appliance you order Vitamin Pods to go in the delivery system. Each pod contains 31 servings of vitamins. They have a variety of vitamin pods to choose from including Energy, Children’s, Prenatal and more.

Hey Good Lookin'. TESPO Personalized Vitamin Pod
Hey Good Lookin’. TESPO Personalized Vitamin Pod

I was provided with a Personalized Vitamin Pod. For the Personalized Vitamin Pods (price per month varies) they have you take a quiz to determine the best mix of vitamins for you. Once you have taken the quiz and ordered your monthly subscription of vitamins it takes up to 21 days for the first pod to arrive as they are specially crafted for you!

What I love:

I love the ease and convenience of taking my vitamins in liquid form. The vitamins are mixed with water and a natural orange flavor which tastes good (Children’s vitamins are a natural berry flavor). I especially like that the vitamin formula is made specifically for my needs.

TESPO Personalized Vitmain Formula made just for me!
TESPO Personalized Vitmain Formula made just for me!

I also love that there are no added fillers or sugars and the Tespo vitmins are GMO-Free. In order to make your serving of vitamins all you need to do is make sure that your Tespo Connect has enough water, then press the button and then the magic happens and within less than a minute you have your Vitamins ready to drink in the special cup that is provided. The Tespo Connect is also connect via wifi to an app on your phone that keeps track of how many vitamin servings you have left. When you connect your Tespo to the WIFI you automatically get a $50 store credit towards anything on the Tespo website.

What I wish:

I was sent detailed serving and nutritional information for my personalized vitamin pod. I wish this information was also included in the app with more information provided about the different types of vitamins included in the pod. I need to order the TESPO Go which enables you to take your vitamin Pods with you when you travel.

My experience with TESPO Connect and Personalized Vitamin Pods

Daily dose of vitamins with TESPO
Daily dose of vitamins with TESPO

Overall I have been loving my TESPO Connect and Personalized Vitamin Pods. This is an easy way for me to get my daily does of vitamins. I did not have to wait too long to receive my products and was excited to try them out! I love the flavor of the water and vitamin solution, it is easy to drink and digest and you can feel great about getting your daily serving of vitamins. I love that I don’t have to take pills to get the vitamins that I need. Also according to the TESPO website, “Studies have shown that when nutrients are delivered in a liquid form they are more bioavailable.”


7 responses

7 responses

  1. Interesting! The convenience of this looks like a no-brainer. Ever since my surgery two years ago, I’ve been doing the weekly “sort-out” routine and putting all the vitamins/supplements in a weekly pill counter case (yes, like an old lady LOL).

  2. Ok this is super interesting to me… liquid vitamins…

    So question — did you have any sort of stomach upset? That’s the one thing I think I would be worried about. Sounds so fascinating!

  3. Oh my goodness. In May I started a Vitamin regimen and I feel like a pill popper. This would be awesome to have all that I need dispensed for me. I am definitely going to check this out.

  4. Very interesting. I don’t mind taking pills, but my stomach doesn’t tend to like vitamins. I wonder if liquid form would be easier.

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