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Ensō Muscle Roller #Giveaway and Ten Things I LOVE About Running

What do you love about running?



Here a ten things I love about running!

  1. I love running with friends because we talk, we laugh or we are completely silent as we challenge each other.
  2. I love running by myself because that is when you build your mental toughness and sometimes the peace and solitude is magical.
  3. I love to run when I have big goals that I am working for because it helps me to stay motivated.
  4. I love to run in the snow especially when the snow is sparkling all around you.
  5. I love to run when it is hot. Sometimes getting disgustingly sweaty can be completely refreshing.
  6. I love running on long dirt roads that seem to go on forever.
  7. I love to run at sunset especially on top of a ridge where you can watch the sun paint the sky in a rainbow of colors.
  8. I love to run in the warm summer rain feeling the cool drops of water washing my skin.
  9. I love running in races when you can feel the strong energy of the other runners as they silently conquer the hills.
  10. I love to run because it makes me feel invigorated and alive.

Why do you love to run?

Ensō Muscle Roller #Giveaway

Ensō Muscle Roller #Giveaway

Ensō Muscle Roller #Giveaway

*Disclaimer: SMAK Public Relations and Marketing is providing one Ensō Muscle Roller for this giveaway.  All opinions in this post are my own.

To Celebrate Valentine’s Day today I am giving away an amazing Ensō Muscle Roller from EVOFIT .  The Ensō Muscle Roller is an amazing recovery tool for runners that has been featured in Runner’s World.  This myofascial release tool is similar to a foam roller but it has the added benefit of being completely adjustable to work those difficult areas.  You can use the Ensō to roll your hip flexors, quads hamstrings and more. The Ensō has truly become one of my favorite running recovery tools and now you have the chance to WIN one to help you with your own running recovery!

Please enter my giveaway and share it with a friend!

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Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Running!


24 responses

24 responses

  1. I have a ‘plain’ foam roller that I surely don’t use enough, but it also doesn’t do much for my hamstrings … I’m sure the Enso can take care of that!
    Lauren @ mostly i run recently posted…changing gearsMy Profile

  2. I mainly do stretching after a run. I have tried foam rollers in the past, and I liked them. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  3. I love to run because I am a former fat kid and I never thought I could. 🙂 Every run is a triumph.

  4. I have all sorts of foam rollers (mostly all Trigger Point) but this looks like a great option to address some additional areas that are tough to get with regular rollers.

  5. I use my hubbys hands, lol. He is good at rubbing out my feet. I like to use balms and creams too.

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