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Blast Off-Winter Wild Round #4

Winter Wild #4 at Mt. Sunapee, New Hampshire took place over the weekend. The morning started off very abruptly as my alarm failed to go off. So after some muddled 4 a.m. phone conversations about to do, I literally threw on my clothes (almost forgot my running shoes!) and headed out the door to find … Read More »

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Chicks on the mountain

I’ve been missing wearing my skirts this winter for racing. Today I felt like being a kick-a$$ chick on the mountain so I pulled out my favorite gym girl ultra Skirt Sports in purple haze. It was a beautiful winter morning. A low hanging crescent moon guided us (with a few “Bridget” detours) to Pats … Read More »

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It has been crazy around here. I love having a full plate and being scheduled to the max. I always feel more productive. Although sometimes when I take a break for a minute I almost feel winded (almost like after running up a mountain . . . Which by the way I’ll be doing again … Read More »

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Running at Winter Wild

Tomorrow I will be heading on down to Ragged Mountain in Danbury, NH for the second Winter Wild Race. I guess I will truly figure out what it means to be “run ragged” (call me a nerd but I just love idioms and puns and this seemed like an appropriate time.) This time the race … Read More »

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