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Winter Running Gear for your Winter Run.

 Winter Running Gear for your Winter Run. Polar Vortex. It’s here again! Maybe not as bad in the Northeast as it is in the Midwest but it is still freezing and when the temperatures drop that means its time to dig out the heavy duty winter running gear. It’s all about the right gear and … Read More »

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The hazards of winter running–A cautionary tale

The hazards of winter running.  Winter has descended upon New Hampshire and while all of the amazing warm weather that we had this fall was pretty sweet I am ready for the snow. We have had eventful weather over the past two weeks with freezing rain last week. The freezing rain was completely unacceptable for … Read More »

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Running in the “Polar Vortex”

It’s so cold my eyelashes froze on my run! Apparently we are in the middle of a “Polar Vortex Distortion” which is causing severely low temperatures throughout much of the United States. Living in New Hampshire we often experience uncomfortable cold during the middle of winter so I have become accustomed to adjusting my training … Read More »

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