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I am going to be grounded

The planned workout today on my schedule was a 40 minute tempo run at an 8:00-8:10 pace with ten minutes of warm-up and ten of cool down. The first couple of miles felt sluggish and my splendiferous running partner Bridget and I feared the workout was going to be grueling. Once we shook the lead … Read More »

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Fresh Friday-Power Pancakes

I am geared up to try something new once a week. I am sure that I will have successes and flops during these trials especially when it comes to trying new things in the kitchen. I figure being a parent we are constantly asking our children to try new things and sometimes as an adult … Read More »

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“Controlled” Energy

In life we all have many “mountains” to face. Some big, some small, some figurative and some literal. One of the biggest daily challenges is to make to most of what you have, to put your best foot forward and to face the challenges and adventures that lay ahead. Training for a marathon gives me … Read More »

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