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The benefits of endurance sports on the mind

Why I love Endurance sports.  Endurance sports all allow me to get into a meditative state. Since I was a little kid I have participated in sports that require intense focus and repetitive movement. Each of these sports has a rhythmic quality in each repeated movement. Each stroke or footstep builds muscle memory. Endurance sports … Read More »

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A back injury update.

Injury begone! I still have not run since the Turkey Trot that I did while I was visiting my family in Pennsylvania. The race was great but two days later I was at urgent care with my back completely locked up. So now here I am a week an a half later still taking it … Read More »

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Triathlon training . . . I am loving it!

Triathlon training. A new adventure. Triathlon training for my first Olympic Distance triathlon is underway and I am hooked.  As is typical with me now that I have started and am preparing for my first race I am already dreaming about bigger goals and contemplating a possible half Ironman . . .???? I guess I … Read More »

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