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Find Your Happy Pace. A Rundown of Different Running Workouts.

Why is it important to diversify your running workouts? People often ask me what helped me to get fast enough to qualify for the Boston Marathon? How did I get to my “Happy Pace?” While there are several factors that helped me,  I would definitely say that one of the most important was adding speedwork … Read More »

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How to keep your motivation when you are an injured athlete.

Monday Motivation–Dealing with injury and staying motivated. You probably already know that I have had to take some time off from running (if not read here) which means that I have had to get creative with my workouts.  I have also had to work very hard to stay motivated so that I keep a strong … Read More »

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The complicated emotions of a runner.

The emotions of a runner. Running can conjure up a wide range of emotions depending on the moment in time. I have become a passionate runner and each run is a special experience. sometimes the wide range of emotions that you feel when you are running can be overwhelming or inspiring. Here are some of … Read More »

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Running. It isn’t always glamorous . . .

The glamorous life of runners and athletes told in a few anecdotal tales.  I always marvel at the runners who look as though the just stepped out of the salon as they cross the finish line. When I finish a race I am a sweaty mess and look completely disheveled, I sometimes even have energy … Read More »

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I was the women’s winner at the Kingdom Marathon!

Doin’ the dirt from Pie to Pie. The Kingdom Marathon. On Saturday I turned 38 and on Sunday I was the women’s winner at the first annual Kingdom Marathon! What?!?! First place in a marathon. 26.2 (actually 26.5 miles in this race!) crazy hilly miles with a total ascent of 2,894 feet. Yikes! The true … Read More »

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