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#OrganicHolidayHappiness Challenge-Happiness is sprinkles

#OrganicHolidayHappiness Challenge Happiness is . . . rainbow sprinkles and extreme gingerbread cookie decorating. Yesterday I was in full on Betty Crocker Mode. The morning started with some crafting. We made marshmallow snowmen which resulted in an unfortunate glue gun accident where I completely burned my finger. Who knew crafting could be so dangerous? Lesson … Read More »

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#Organic Holiday Happiness Challenge-Trail Running Heaven

Day Two-Finding #OrganicHolidayHappiness I am happy when I am on the trails. The air is fresh. The smells are intoxicating-leaves, pine needles, moss. The run is an adventure. Today there was even some snow. Hidden waterfalls can surprise you around corners. Footbridges to run across that can make you feel like a kid on a … Read More »

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Organic Runner Mom
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