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Hip strength and running and 3 exercises you need!

Hip strength is critical for runners! I learned my lesson about the importance of hip strength for running a few years ago. I’ll never forget when my back went out. The pain was searing like fire up my spine, down my legs and into my pelvis. I couldn’t unlock my hips to relax my back. … Read More »

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Wellness Discussion: Low Blood Sugar and migraines

It’s not always about running. Today I’m talking about issues with my health and wellness. I’m taking a break from talking about running today to talk about something that has been an ongoing struggle for me, ¬†dropping blood sugar levels and migraines that are becoming increasingly frequent. I have always been a very thin individual … Read More »

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The Benefits of Inversion and a review of the Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table

Have you ever thought about doing inversions and hanging upside down for awhile?¬† Inversions can have many benefits on the body. Inversion uses your body weight to decompress the spine as your hang upside down. ¬†Inversion tables were made to use gravity to relieve pressure on the spine which is thought to help benefit the … Read More »

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