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Find Your Happy Pace. A Rundown of Different Running Workouts.

Why is it important to diversify your running workouts? People often ask me what helped me to get fast enough to qualify for the Boston Marathon? How did I get to my “Happy Pace?” While there are several factors that helped me,  I would definitely say that one of the most important was adding speedwork … Read More »

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Organic Runner Mom’s Racing Goals for 2015

My Racing Goals for 2015 It’s time to start looking ahead to the new year and imagining all of the incredible goals out there waiting to be smashed. This is a list that is subject to change as life throws its curveballs but setting goals is the perfect way to stay motivated as we ring … Read More »

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CHaD HERO Half Marathon Race Recap. A great day to be a Super Hero

CHaD HERO Half Marathon. Yesterday was my first time racing the CHaD Hero Half Marathon. A race to benefit the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth a critical care center for children in our area of New Hampshire and also a hospital that has helped our family with amazing general pediatrics doctors as well as specialists. This … Read More »

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5 Tips for an awesome half marathon race experience

Make your half marathon awesome! Do you have a half marathon coming up? Whether you a new comer to the 13.1 mile distance or a half marathon junkie, tips for race success are always helpful.  Every race can be so different and sometimes having a new trick or tip in your race day “tool kit” … Read More »

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Motivation Monday: It was a #runcelebration and a sun celebration this weekend!

Woohoo! Half Marathon Skirt Sports #runcelebration is complete! It was an epic weekend. The weather was amazing. Endless sunshine meant endless hours of “playtime” outside. The warm sun kept smiles plastered on our faces for most of the weekend. And at the end of the day you knew it had been great when the bath … Read More »

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Race Recap: A Snowy Kingdom Challenge Half Marathon

Don’t go out too fast! It’s been so beautiful this fall in New Hampshire that I almost forgot what winter was like.  Well, the Kingdom Challenge Half Marathon on Saturday gave me a good reminder with blowing headwinds, temperatures in the low 30’s and tiny sparkly snowflakes (yes, those are really snowflakes!) whipping through the … Read More »

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