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Gratitude. Putting it all into perspective.

Gratitude. Screeeeeeech. Crash. Boom! We are okay. Thankfully my husband and I walked away from a car accident uninjured today. Thankfully the kids were not in the car. My nerves are very rattled (That is a total understatement!). I had a panic attack. The EMT had to give me oxygen. Strangely he was a marathoner … Read More »

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Monday Motivation: Gratitude

I haven’t been running in 4 and half weeks. Thankfully I have been very busy with life; Preschool graduation, brand building with our family business, family visiting, digging in the garden, building a new preschool playground, swimming, work travel, visiting with friends, going to the gym, evenings on the patio . . . Life IS … Read More »

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