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Why Starting with ‘Why’ Means More Success Before Embarking on a Triathlon Training Plan

Starting with ‘Why.’ Goal setting for your Triathlon Training Plan Today I am very excited to be presenting a guest post for you by an inspirational triathlete and female company owner, Melanie Mitchell from Poppy Sports. I hope you enjoy her post about choosing your why! Bio–Melanie Mitchell is the founder of and … Read More »

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February Goals Update and a Spartan Race Entry Giveaway

It’s time to set some new goals to make forward progress. Phew! We made it through January and now it’s time to take a look at goals again. January in New England is its own kind of crazy challenge. The days are dark. The temperature often hovers around zero or below and it is usually … Read More »

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Dream Big. It’s time to set some new goals.

 Dream a little dream . . . This year its all about dreaming big.  I am always so surprised when I hear people say, “I could never run a marathon or I could never be a runner.” Words like these are filled with self-doubt and fear. If I had believed these things to be true … Read More »

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5 Tips for an awesome half marathon race experience

Make your half marathon awesome! Do you have a half marathon coming up? Whether you a new comer to the 13.1 mile distance or a half marathon junkie, tips for race success are always helpful.  Every race can be so different and sometimes having a new trick or tip in your race day “tool kit” … Read More »

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One Word 365–One word to guide my year!

One word to guide your year. I have decided to join the One Word 365 Movement this year to guide my year rather than creating a long list of resolutions.  It is great to have goals to help keep your moving forward but sometimes a list of resolutions can become cumbersome.  Choosing one word to … Read More »

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Goals for 2014

As I begin to look at the New Year I am amazed at how quickly last year seems to have gone by. It’s definitely true that having kids seems to speed up time. Setting goals for the year ahead will help me keep a positive focus on all of the good that is around me … Read More »

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