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Wordless Wednesday-Attitude

And now a few words from Winston Churchill . . . And a little sunshine on a beautiful fall New Hampshire day can seriously improve that attitude on a hilly 6 mile run . . .  

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October #Unprocessed-Kid EATS!

Have you heard of October #Unprocessed? October #Unprocessed is a challenge for the month of October from Andrew Wilder’s blog Eating Rules. This foodie challenge intrigued me right away being the wife of an organic egg farmer as well as someone concerned about clean eating and an athlete. I want to know what I am … Read More »

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September Race Recap

Fall has officially arrived in New England. Summer was kind to us this year and stretched through most of September giving us over 20 days of sun. I wish I could package up the warm summer days and unwrap them on the days when I feel the gloom of the grey “stick season” beginning to … Read More »

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FUN-#Runnerdphotoaday Challenge for @ihaverun

September 6-FUN #runnerd Photoaday Challenge form @ihaverun Many people would think this is not fun. In fact many people would think it is just plain nuts. But call me crazy I think hills are a ton of FUN! I have always loved running hills.  Perhaps it is the challenge or perhaps it is the reward … Read More »

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Inspire-#runnerdphotoaday Challenge for @ihaverun

September 4-INSPIRE-#runnerdphotoadaychallenge for @ihaverun My training partner Bridget. I am inspired by her drive and her ability to get out there and just run. And just look at her form. I am inspired to run like Bridget and am inspired to catch her someday (although I know it’s probably not possible and that’s OK). I … Read More »

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Labor Day Virtual 5 Mile Race for

This weekend I participated in the Virtual 5 Mile race put on by Laura from What a great challenge to inspire everyone to stay active during the holiday weekend and also create a healthy dialogue between runners. For the “Race” you could either run 5 or 10 miles. I chose to do 5 as … Read More »

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SWEAT-#runnerdphotoaday Challenge for @ihaverun

September 2-SWEAT #runnerdphotoaday Challenge It is officially the end of summer, Labor Day Weekend. But it feels like an endless summer as the weather this summer in NH has been amazing. Tons of sunny, blue sky days, and warm air, perfect conditions for running and sweating! I love going out for a beautiful run and finishing … Read More »

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TIME-#runnerdphotoaday Challenge for @ihaverun

September 1, 2012-TIME #runnerdphotoaday Challenge In case you missed my previous post I will be taking a photo a day as a part of the @ihaverun #runnerdphotoaday challenge for the month of September This photo was taken on a 5 mile at dusk my favorite TIME of day to run. It is amazing how energized I feel on … Read More »

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