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Fresh Recipe: Chia, Berry and Beets Smoothie

You can’t beat beets in a smoothie! Taking the October Unprocessed Challenge from blogger Andrew Wilder of Eating Rules not only makes you think more carefully about the kind of food that you are eating but it also inspires you to use ingredients in new ways. This week we enjoyed some beautiful and richly delicious … Read More »

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October Unprocessed Challenge and Farm Fresh Ingredient: Beets

#Unprocessed! It’s time for the October Unprocessed Challenge (#Unprocessed) from Andrew Wilder at the Blog Eating Rules.  I met Andrew at the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference last year and was intrigued by the idea of taking a challenge where you must try to eat zero processed foods for the entire month of October.  Last … Read More »

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October #Unprocessed-Kid EATS!

Have you heard of October #Unprocessed? October #Unprocessed is a challenge for the month of October from Andrew Wilder’s blog Eating Rules. This foodie challenge intrigued me right away being the wife of an organic egg farmer as well as someone concerned about clean eating and an athlete. I want to know what I am … Read More »

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