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February Goals Update and a Spartan Race Entry Giveaway

It’s time to set some new goals to make forward progress. Phew! We made it through January and now it’s time to take a look at goals again. January in New England is its own kind of crazy challenge. The days are dark. The temperature often hovers around zero or below and it is usually … Read More »

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The benefits of endurance sports on the mind

Why I love Endurance sports.  Endurance sports all allow me to get into a meditative state. Since I was a little kid I have participated in sports that require intense focus and repetitive movement. Each of these sports has a rhythmic quality in each repeated movement. Each stroke or footstep builds muscle memory. Endurance sports … Read More »

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The benefits of bike fitting for triathlon.

The Importance of Bike Fitting for Triathlon I am still a newbie triathlete. I have one Olympic Distance Triathlon under my belt and was hooked from the moment the race started. I have lofty goals for racing this summer which includes racing my first Ironman 70.3 at the Timberman Triathlon. Now that I am jumping … Read More »

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What do bricks have to do with triathlons?

Motivation Monday: Triathlon Training has me feeling energized! I’m back! Life was very hectic over the last few weeks. We had graduations, move-up days, class field trips, plays and last week was filled to the brim with family fun with the cousins. With everything that was going on I needed to take a mini-break from … Read More »

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