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SWEAT-#runnerdphotoaday Challenge for @ihaverun

SWEAT-6 mile sweaty trail run along the Connecticut River-#runnerdphotoaday challenge @ihaverun

September 2-SWEAT #runnerdphotoaday Challenge

It is officially the end of summer, Labor Day Weekend. But it feels like an endless summer as the weather this summer in NH has been amazing. Tons of sunny, blue sky days, and warm air, perfect conditions for running and sweating!

I love going out for a beautiful run and finishing with a cleansing sweat. Today’s run was no different. The run today was an out and back. 6 miles of trails right along the Connecticut River with the late afternoon sun streaming through the trees and a loon occasionally calling in the distance.  An awesome training partner and two furry companions joined me on the run.  We kept the pace somewhat easy today and enjoyed the trail and a good afternoon sweat.

Loving a late afternoon trail run (@skirtsports)

Awesome Training Partners

@Merrelloutside Barefoot Glove Runners

Sun streaming through the trees on trail

Lucy AKA “The Scrambler”-The perfect trail running companion

Do you like to work up a good sweat? What is your favorite sweaty workout?


7 responses

7 responses

  1. One day I’ll have to make it up your way to join you for a run. It looks beautiful! I’m participating in the RunNerd photo a day too. Woohoo!


    1. Hi Angela! Yes, it would be great to meet you and to go out for a run! Love your pics for the #runnerdphotoaday contest!
      Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend!

    1. We have so many great trails near my house. A lot of cool single track for mountain biking which is fantastic for trail running and a lot of wide open snowmobile trails. Do you have any trails that you like to run on?

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