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SUP Fit: Have you ever tried Stand Up Paddle Boarding?

I may have a new obsession. Stand Up Paddle Boarding!

SUP Fit–Stand Up Paddle Boarding Fitness with Rooted By Stacey

SUP Fit–Stand Up Paddle Boarding Fitness with Rooted By Stacey

I am a water girl through and through. I spent my summers as a kid at our family lake house swimming, canoeing, rowing, sitting with my feet in the water watching the sun set. There is something about being near water that just brings peace and calm to my soul. Before I became hooked on running I was a rower and spent my hours on the water enjoying the natural environment.

I had forgotten how much I love spending time on the water.

I met Stacey of Rooted By Stacey last night down at the Moore Dam on the gorgeous Northern Connecticut River for my  first Stand Up Paddle Boarding Fitness Class. Stacey greeted me with such complete positive energy that I knew immediately that I would enjoy this class. Stacey has a true passion for nature and physical well-being. Stacey teaches yoga, trail side yoga and is now offering SUP Fit and SUP Yoga.  She was very excited to begin her new venture teaching the Paddle Boarding classes and has selected several beautiful locations in the White Mountains to hold her classes. The class that I am taking is held on the Connecticut River right above the Moore Dam in Littleton, New Hampshire.

I have never tried Stand Up Paddle Boarding before this class however as a child have great memories of paddling around standing up on my parents windsurfer without the sail. This was a fun lake activity that would also include friendly duels atop the windsurfer board to see who could be knocked off the board first.

The class was small which was nice plus my amazing friend Jenny was there too to join in the SUP Fit fun. Stacey started the class with a fun warm-up. We did an easy jog and then some calisthenic type exercises including everyone’s favorite–Burpees!

After getting warm it was time to head out on the Reservoir. Stacey has a small fleet of super cool Odyssey StandUp Paddleboards  both the TOUR and the SURF models. The paddles reminded me of my rowing sculls because the construction was a nice light carbon fiber.

Odyssey Tour StandUp PaddleBoards

Odyssey Tour StandUp PaddleBoards

We headed out from the boat launch and I quickly fell in love with my board and the feeling of paddling on the river. Stand Up Paddle Boarding is awesome for developing core strength because each stroke is taken with a wide hand grip and  straight arm positioning. Your feet should be in a wide stance to act as a strong foundation.  To gain power on each stroke you dig the blade in with a slightly rotated core. for more tips on technique check out this article.

After having fun paddling around for awhile it was time to get down to the FIT part of the class so we paddled into a quiet cove and dropped our anchors. Now this is where the abs of steel come in . . . we did a series of core exercises on the board which are derived from Yoga, Pilates and other fitness routines. Stacey had us focus on different muscle groups including everyones favorite the Gluteus Maximus (BUM) and of course the abdominals (well hello abdominals!!!!).

SUP Fit is perfect for me especially since I am still recovering from my Peroneal Tendonitis because the exercises are all low impact. SUP Fit is awesome for improving balance and core strength because of the added challenge of working through each exercise while trying to keep the board stable in the water.

SUP Fit=my new obsession (aka when can I get my own StandUp Paddleboard?)

SUP Fit=my new obsession (aka when can I get my own Stand Up Paddle Board?)

After the first round of exercises I slid off my board for a quick dip in the gorgeous water and then we went for another StandUp Paddle. Then got down on our bellies for some Surf Style Paddling back to the cove (and let me tell you I am feeling it in my shoulders today!).  We finished of the workout with another series of core moves and a final paddle before heading back to the shore.

I could have stayed on the water forever. The water was like glass. The air was warm and the sky was beginning to glow a pink dusk.

So, yes . . . you guessed it, I am hooked and I have signed up for another class next week. I may have to do this all summer! I can’t wait to go and join Stacey for another awesome SUP Fit Class next week! (apparently I am excited . . . sorry for the over usage of exclamation points!!!!)

Have you tried Stand Up Paddle Boarding before?





31 responses

31 responses

  1. I have tried it and I love it! I think I am going to ask for a SUP for my birthday before the summer is out. I agree that it is a great core workout. I need to find a local class, but I think it will be much harder in the ocean. Maybe there is one smoother water near me somewhere.

    1. Yes, I feel very fortunate to have a gorgeous body of water to SUP on! If you do get a chance though sometime I would highly recommend it!

    1. It is super fun and even if you fall off in the summer it is great because the water will cool you off! You should give it a try!

  2. it is SO FUN!!! I think we are going to SUP on July 4th and i can’t wait. I’ve been out in the ocean which was crazy hard and on a lake to do like a fitness class…this time I think we’ll be attempting some yoga!
    Amanda @runtothefinish recently posted…Our Virtual Tea PartyMy Profile

    1. It’s actually not as hard as you would think! You should definitely see if you can find a place to try SUP!

  3. -Totally in love with the SUPs!! We were heading out for a paddle after work yesterday when we happened to drive by Stacey, of Rooted By Stacey. She asked if we were going to paddle, we said heck yes!! She threw her board in her truck and away we went. There were at least three other paddlers on the water grabbing that quick-after-work work out. SUPs are great because the gear is minimum and getting them into or onto a car is simple!! Come paddle with us!!
    Badass Outdoors Inc. recently posted…I Ski NowMy Profile

    1. Now that I have my own board thanks to you guys we will definitely have to meet up for a paddle! I am obsessed with SUPping!

    1. I would highly recommend a SUP if you can afford it! It is complete happiness on the water. Doing fitness on the SUP adds the extra challenge of stability and balance! You should check out a class!

    1. Paddleboarding has been so great that I actually decided to invest in my own board. There is just something about being on the water that feels so cleansing! Have you been lately?

    1. Do you go boarding on the ocean or lakes and rivers? I am so psyched to have discovered this new sport and the peace on the water!

  4. I’ll have to add SUP Fit to the list along with SUP yoga of new things to try! When I first heard about SUP yoga, I thought it was a joke because it seemed so ridiculously impossible, but it turns out the joke’s on me!

    I love finding new ways of being active and SUP Fit sounds like a great way of combining two activities that I love doing anyway. Thanks for sharing!

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