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Why you should love stroller running!

I just love stroller running.

With little ones at home I spend a lot of time running with my BOB Revolution (and the Duallie). The BOB stroller is basically the mommy equivalent of an SUV for stroller running. If you are a runner Mom your BOB will travel everywhere with you. The BOB gives you the freedom to get out of the house, get a great workout and have the added bonus of a little stress relief and time out in the fresh air soaking up as much Vitamin D as possible. I love stroller running!

The Bob stroller is great for monster uphill workouts work your legs. Then you can cruise along the downhills. This stroller is perfect for stroller running on dirt roads and we have plenty of those where I run in New Hampshire and Vermont.

The warm fuzzy in our Bob stroller keeps my kiddos warm. The weather shield keeps them dry and out of the wind (which is especially key because every mom knows that even if the temps are freezing and the snow and sleet is falling, sometimes you just have to get the kids out of the house!). The sun shield (oh how I wish it was still summer!) is also perfect for those summer days when the black flies and mosquitos are swarming (My kids remain bug bite free even when I return home looking like I might have a bad case of the chicken pocks due to all of the bites). One of the greatest things about this stroller are the heavy-duty, off-road tires, the shocks and the swivel wheel.

My BOBs have been with me for many miles and I will be sad the day when my kids get too old to join me for a stroller run. So if you are a mom, put the BOB stroller on your list for Santa. Don’t miss out on the awesome miles bobbin’ it with your little snuggle bugs!


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