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I’m a Strava Newbie

Strava for Runners
Strava for Runners

Are you on Strava?

Well, if not you should join me. I am probably the last runner to join haha! I actually had an account that I wasn’t really using but just got clued in by my friend Angela that I can actually link my Garmin to Strava so that all of my running, riding etc. will be automatically uploaded to Strava. Just what I need right, another social network? But this one is different as it is built for the adrenaline junkies like me!

What is Strava?

Strava works with iphone and Android to track your workouts. It actually turns your phone into an advance running and cycling computer where you can collect data about your runs and rides including elevation gain, distance, pace, heart rate (if you wear a monitor) and more. Strava is great because it is compatible with a variety of GPS devices including my GARMIN (YES!)!

I’m late to the @strava party. Read my review of #strava and why you should join. #running #runchat

You can keep track of your running routes on Strava and compare your runs and rides to other runners and cyclists on the network. This is done through segments. Trails, and routes that are common are recorded in segments and you can compete with times of other users on the same segments or see how they measured up. Strava users can give you kudos on your workout and can leave comments as well. Many clubs, groups, brands etc. have joined Strava so that member can track each others performance.


You can upload pictures from your runs which makes this more like a social network. Strava also has safety features built-in too! You can turn on the beacon and real-time location data will be sent to people of your choosing.

So far I am really enjoying being on Strava and hope you will join me too!

Are you on Strava? What other fitness tracking apps do you use?

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8 responses

8 responses

  1. I love Strava! It’s so great for keeping track of all the important data! I’ve been on it for a while and it’s been great.

    I also use the Garmin and Run The Edge apps.

  2. I downloaded and tried several run tracking apps, including Strava. I decided that the one I liked most (and which I still use regularly) is Run Keeper. It is really motivating to see your total miles count up and see your average mile times.

    I think Strava sounds awesome because you can compete with average times on popular segments. I didn’t know about that. That would be pretty motivating too!


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